Aleph india is not an I Phone seller

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Dont Get cheated By Fraudsters

ALEPH INDIA appeal everyone don’t get cheated by online fraudsters!!! Now a day’s scam on calls, messages and emails has become a trend for earning money. People can do anything to earn money, Fraudsters has crossed their limits, and they can do anything for money. For this people have opened fake companies using the name of other companies. The biggest example who have face this is ALEPH INDIA, one of the fraud company named aleph pvt ltd. is using ALEPH INDIA name.  And this is really affecting our name. Some iPhone seller is using our name and many people had become victim.

First of all I want to clear the confusion about our company name and fraudsters’ company name.

Our company is a group named as ALEPH INDIA and following are companies




Everything you need to know about the big scam, while using olx and other online selling websites.

ALEPH INDIA does not have any connection or relation with these fraudsters. Scammers’ are using different names like

Aleph store India

These scammers have set up their website which looks genuine with logo and domain name or might have created a dummy site with products iphone line-up that only exist online. Their purpose is to just extract money from susceptible buyers and disappear. These scammers have different methodologies of fraud. They are using olx buying and selling platform with the name of aleph pvt ltd. for doing this fraud.

ALEPH INDIA is not an iPhone seller, we don’t deal in selling phones, we only sell laboratory and testing equipment which we are manufacturing in our factory with the brand name ALEPH INDIA.

ALEPH INDIA is a consultancy that deals in BIS, ISI registration, and certification and offering many other services. Founded in 2009 incorporated in 2013, as a company specialized in product testing, registration and certification. ALEPH INDIA is a global leader and award-winning consultant that assist companies in getting their products registered and certified, manage their business in best and cost-effective way. Over a period, we have established ourselves as a trustworthy and reliable professional support services organization, providing single-window solutions to the industry consistently, efficiently and at the most competitive costs. Whether you are a start-up firm or a globally established business, we have tailor-made solutions as per the best interests of your business. We advise domestic and global companies related to product testing, registration, and certification. We think out of the box and provide perfect solutions for your business.

Those who are looking for well-versed BIS Registration and Consultant can trust on us without thinking twice.!

So don’t get cheated by online fraudsters just by seeing the less price of any product. No one will sell you anything at low rates.

Just think about this-

In today's date, no one bears even a single rupee loss!!!

“Why someone will sell his product at a low price?”

“Can anyone bear losses for you just by selling you anything at low cost?”