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Get Your FMCS With Aleph INDIA

Under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016, a foreign manufacturer operating in India is granted the Foreign Manufacturer's Certification Scheme if the products it manufactures meet the prescribed Indian standards.

Electronics and IT Goods (as notified by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology) are exempt from the Scheme because they fall under the category of Compulsory Certification. Foreign Manufacturers Certification Department (FMCD) at BIS Headquarters in New Delhi issues the license.

The BIS license is only valid for the location where the product is manufactured and tested. As a result, each manufacturing location must submit its own application.

The foreign manufacturer must submit his or her application to BIS along with the required documents and fees. When the application is received, the BIS examines it to see if it meets the requirements for a certificate to be issued. If any questions remain, the BIS will notify the applicant and seek clarification. 1 calendar year.

For overseas manufacturers, the Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS) is usually the ISI Mark License Scheme. The BIS license is granted for a location where the product is manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable Indian Standards, and the Standard Mark is applied to the product that complies with such Indian Standards (s).

The FMCS does not apply to goods that have been registered. It is based on the ISO/IEC 17067 Model of Type 5 Scheme. Factory inspection of the manufacturing unit, testing of samples collected during factory inspection at BIS recognized labs, followed by periodic testing, factory inspections, and market and factory surveillance are all part of the certification process.

How to get a license for import

The Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on the criteria for applying for an export license for shipments.. According to this, only online applications filed by such exporters will be considered by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) for granting export licenses until further orders.

BIS certificate for customs clearance

The Indian government recently made BIS certification mandatory for certain items, such as LED lights and a few electronic goods, in order to clear customs for goods imported from China or other countries.

Required Documents for FMCS Registration

List of Manufacturing Equipment

AADHAR Card & Pan Card Authorized Signatory

If applicable, an MSME Certificate

Flowchart of the manufacturing process

Certificate of calibration

 Letter of authorization

Process for Grant of BIS Licence

Documentation prior to submission of Application

Submission of BIS Application & scrutiny By BIS

Nomination  of Auditor and Audit By BIS

Sample Testing in BIS Approved Lab 

Grant of BIS Licence


Portland Slag Cement – IS 455

High Alumina Cement for Structural use – IS 6452

Super sulfated cement – IS 6909

Rapid hardening Portland cement – IS 8041

White Portland Cement – IS 8042

Hydrophobic Portland Cement – IS 8043

Oil well Cement – IS 822

Low heat Portland Cement – IS 12600

Portland Pozzolana Cement-Part1 Fly-ash based – IS 1489 (Part 1)

Portland Pozzolana Cement-Part 2 Calcined clay based – IS 1489 (Part 2)

Ordinary Portland Cement – IS 269

Masonry Cement – IS 3466

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