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Why BIS Registration Is Required on Electronic & IT Product

For the first phase of electronics items, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology issued the "Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012" on October 3, 2012. With the passage of time, more phases were added to the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)

CRS: Compulsory Registration Scheme It is divided into three sections: electronics, information technology, and renewable energy means Solar Products. The license is valid for the first two years. We may be able to renew for another 2-5 years in the future.

BIS Certification is required for manufacturers of electronic products in India, such as amplifiers and automatic data processing machines, without which they will be unable to sell their products in the domestic market. Even for international and foreign brands wishing to import into and trade within India's borders, certification is required prior to launch or before the product enters the market. Both these electronic items are classified under the compulsory Registration scheme (CRS)

The BIS certification process necessitates the testing of samples in India and the generation of a report by an authorized BIS test lab. Test data from CB reports are not accepted by test labs. After testing is completed and a report is generated, it must be submitted to BIS within 90 days of the report's publication date. The company's Authorized Indian Representative must handle this task (AIR). The report and submittal documents are then reviewed by BIS. If the report is accepted, they will either add the models to an existing BIS registration number or create a new registration number if one does not exist.

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is India's National Standard Body, responsible for the smooth development of standardization, marking, and quality certification activities for consumer goods. The Government of India has notified fifty electronic and IT products that must be marked with the BIS Standard Safety Mark before they can be manufactured, imported, and sold in the Indian market.

It is required for manufacturers of circuit breakers, switches, wiring cables used in electrical installations, and other industrial items. It is critical that the product and packaging bear the ISI logo, as well as the 7-digit license number CM/L-xxxxxxx and the IS number, which denotes the IS-assigned product number.

Obtaining BIS Registration 

For the purposes of registration, the process begins with the creation of a login ID and password on the BIS portal, followed by sample testing at a BIS-approved lab. Pay the application fees and submit the lab report, along with the application and enclosures, to BIS. BIS, on the other hand, has begun reviewing documents and test reports. If everything appears according to guidelines Then BIS Grants License 

After satisfactory safety testing of the material in accordance with the approved Indian Standard and the submission of the required documents, the BIS Office will grant the BIS Registration.

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