ISO ( International Standards Organization)

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ISO was formed by the merger of two organizations: the ISO (International Federation of National Standardizing Associations) and the UNSSC (United Nations Standardization Coordinating Committee) (United Nations Standard Coordinating Committee).

The International Organization For Standardization is a Global standard-setting Organisation Made Up of representatives From the National Standard organization. This Organisation was established  On Feb 23, 1947, with the Main Motive of creating Technical, Industrial, and Commercial Standards for use around the world. It is having offices in 165 Countries and its Headquarters in  Geneva, Switzerland.

Below are Standards Set Up by International Standards Organization

ISO 9001: Assists you in putting your customers first.

ISO 27001: Ensures that your System, Data, Process are safeGuarded

ISO 14001: Certification Your environmental impact is reduced

ISO 45001: Assists you in safeguarding your employees.

ISO 22301: It ensures that Business is not Disrupted from External Forces

Customers benefit from receiving products/services that meet their needs, and you deliver consistent performance, thanks to continuous improvement. Internally, the company will benefit from higher job satisfaction, better morale, and better operational results (reduced scrap and increased efficiency). The community benefits from complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

The actual quality of a product or service is not defined by ISO certification. To put it another way, assuming products are ISO certified is a common misunderstanding. Not products, but businesses are ISO certified. ISO standards assist businesses in achieving consistent results and improving their entire business processes.

Your company's ability to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations is demonstrated by ISO 9001  certification. Many enterprise buyers and retailers demand ISO 9001 certification from their suppliers to reduce the risk of purchasing a subpar product or service. Being ISO 9001 certified also increases your sales potential. With the Help of the International standards organization Certificate, We can come to the conclusion that the Product is manufactured with help of ISO Guidelines set by the organization 

The goal of ISO certification is to develop, maintain and place quality management system guidelines at the center of an organization’s way of doing business. The goal of these is to increase productivity, reduce unnecessary costs and guarantee the quality of processes and products. Both customer satisfaction and business efficiency benefit from these efforts.

The time it takes to complete the entire ISO certification process varies from company to company. After assessing the size of the company, the ISO certification agency can provide a reasonable estimate. The following is an estimate of how long it takes to complete the ISO certification process:


 It takes 6-8 Months For Small Scale Business

 It takes 8-12 Months For Medium Scale Business

 It takes 12- 15 Months For Large Scale Business


We aleph India Understood that ISO  Certification is Mandatory, Our professionals are here to ensure that the process goes as smoothly


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