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ALEPH INDIA is continuously developing a happy culture in the office along with the satisfaction of employees. The first priority of ALEPH INDIA is to support, motivate and value its employees. It develops time to time opportunities for employees and emphasizes prosperity for all. Overall it has a friendly environment to work in. Individual satisfaction and happiness makes a company successful and grow!

At ALEPH INDIA, we believe that a happy team is a productive team. That's why we cherish every birthday with a special cake-cutting celebration. This tradition not only brings joy to the celebrant but also fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie among all team members. By celebrating these personal milestones together, we boost team morale and strengthen our bonds.

Welcome to India Mr Chi Yun IN ! We're thrilled to have our esteemed manager from our Korea office join us here at Aleph India Group New Delhi Office. Your presence strengthens our pillars and enhances our global collaboration. Together, let's embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and mutual success. We eagerly anticipate the fruitful ventures ahead!

Empowering our team! Dr. Ambri Sharma, NLP Practitioner & Corporate Trainer, led a dynamic full-day training on ‘Development of Soft Skills’ at our Aleph INDIA office. With insights into self-management, non-verbal communication, stress management, and more, our team is geared up for success!

We recently organized a Health Checkup Camp for our dedicated team members. Regular health checkups are vital for maintaining good health, and we’re proud to support our employees’ well-being. A big thank you to everyone who participated and made this event a success! Stay healthy, stay happy!

Exciting News! Team Aleph INDIA Group and Team KTL (Korea Testing Laboratory) came together at the Aleph INDIA office. With Aleph's strong ties in Korea and KTL's exceptional work in regulatory compliance, this meeting is set to open new doors for Korean manufacturers seeking certifications and support of Indian regulatory compliance. Together, we promote quality standards, industrial growth, and ensure public safety.

A round of applause for our exceptional team members who have shone brightly this quarter! Your unwavering commitment and outstanding performance have earned you the well-deserved 'Employee of the Quarter' awards. We're proud of each one of you and your dedication to excellence. Keep up the fantastic work!

Congratulations to our outstanding employee of the quarter! Your dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence have earned you this well-deserved recognition. Your contributions to our team and organization are invaluable. Keep shining and inspiring us all with your remarkable achievements.

Opportunity comes to those who quit Waiting and start Looking. Success comes to those who quit Thinking and start Doing. Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work team.

"The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do and then do it." - Henry Ford
Congratulations Team Aleph INDIA for obtaining "Employees of the Quarter Award".

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." – Henry Ford
Wishing our team great success ahead

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success." - Henry Ford
Congratulations to the Team for the Job Well Done!

"Unity is strength.... When there is team and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved".- Mattie J T Stepanek.
Wishing our team the best. Keep it up!

Memorable Trip!!!
Aleph INDIA organised a trip to Rishikesh for its employees to make them happy and create memories together. It was an unforgettable and refreshing experience. This was a small reward for employees' hard work and dedication.
A key component of employee happiness is having fun at work. Having fun promotes a more positive outlook, higher levels of wellbeing, and better mental health. Keeping this in mind, Aleph India takes every opportunity to make employees happy.
A trip is one of the ways to de-stress employees and boost happiness. It is a great way to encourage employees to bond and communicate. Aleph INDIA ensures that its employees are happier, healthier, more productive, inspired, and more satisfied. Aleph INDIA strives to foster a positive work environment and ensure employee satisfaction. Having a positive working environment is a great way to increase work output.

FUN TIME!!! Aleph India grabs every opportunity to make the employee happy, and this is referred to as a happy culture or a friendly environment. Fun at work is an important element of an employee's happiness, and it contributes to a positive state of mind. Aleph India strives to make its employees feel special on various occasions to keep them happy. Aleph India celebrated office part at ToyBoy, Noida. Office party celebrations promote employee interaction, which has been shown to increase happiness. This is one of the ways Aleph India ensures that its employees are healthier, more inspired, productive, and satisfied. ALEPH INDIA is constantly working to create a happy culture in the office while also ensuring employee satisfaction.

Women's Day is celebrated in Aleph INDIA. Without women, our world would be meaningless. Every day, their bravery, which exists in perfect harmony with incredible tenderness, saves our world. Keeping this in mind, Aleph India strives to keep its employees happy by making them feel special on various occasions. Women's Day celebrations in the workplace promote employee interaction, which has been shown to increase happiness. Aleph INDIA has a happy-making tradition in the office. This is the way how Aleph INDIA encourage women.

Mr. Yogesh Kant Tiwari as an “Operation and Legal Head”, Mr. Raghvendra Singh as a “Finance and Marketing Head” and Mr. Pramod Jaiswal as a “Technical Head” are members of management board taking care of ALEPH INDIA with dedication and great zeal so that ALEPH INDIA can provide best quality services and enhance the reputation of company.

ALEPH INDIA also follows Indian rituals like celebrate festivals in the office and distribute exclusive gifts on festive occasions. Here Mr. Yogesh Kant Tiwari, “Operation and Legal Head”, greeting one of the team members with Diwali gifts and lots of blessings for a bright future and well-being.

This was the occasion when ALEPH INDIA did great achievement for taking ALEPH INDIA to another level of success. This is only possible with the combined efforts of the whole ALEPH INDIA team. This was the occasion when new services were added to the list of BIS certification and registration.

Here ALEPH INDIA is celebrating the most auspicious festival. Diwali symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance. ALEPH INDIA celebrates Diwali every year with mottos of ”Har Ghar Deep Jale”.

One of the best achievements of ALEPH INDIA – Active part of FOSG, one of the renowned organizations of BIS. Mr. Yogesh Kant Tiwari with members of the group in FOSG Annual Processor Conclave held in Amritsar from 6th to 8th April 2019. His strong work ethic has made this possible.

FUN TIME!!! ALEPH INDIA does not lose any chance of making pleasure. This is what is called happy culture or friendly environment. Fun at work is a key element of an employee’s happiness, and this takes to the positive state of mind. This is one of the ways ALEPH INDIA makes its employees healthier, more inspired, productive and satisfied.

There is no wealth like knowledge, one of the ALEPH INDIA’S leaders sharing his ideas in FOSG and addressing other members of this BIS organization on behalf of ALEPH INDIA and develop the spirit of co-operation and mutual trust among members.

ALEPH INDIA is sharing its special moment. Another way by which ALEPH INDIA make its employees feel special. Aleph India tries to make individual feel rewarded and also want to increase emotional commitment towards the employee. ALEPH INDIA celebrates the birthday of our valuable members of the team and cheers them.

A perfect place to work, everyone is extra careful and enjoy their work. Our team consists of well-qualified members. They are judged on various parameters and are employed in different departments according to their abilities so that they can provide services with high precision.

Here Mr. Yogesh Kant Tiwari explaining the technical specification of the Appliance with other members of the management team. All the members are well trained and have years of experience in BIS certification.

SMARTUFF Glass is one of the best Glass produced companies and our well-reputed client. In this image, ALEPH INDIA Operation & Legal Head is with BIS Official was on audit and thoroughly reviewed the things to assure a high level of ongoing quality in all respects of the manufacturing process. This image is the biggest example of ALEPH INDIA excellent relations with its clients.

One more celebration in ALEPH INDIA. There are lots of equipment and machines in an office, but employees are not among them, keeping this in concern. ALEPH INDIA tries to keep its employees happy by making them feel special by celebrating different occasions.

Birthday celebrations in the office encourage employee interaction which is proven to boost happiness. ALEPH INDIA has a happiness-boosting tradition in office. This is the way how ALEPH INDIA balances the stress or workload.

Here office is decorated beautifully for the festival celebration; everyone is dressed traditionally, which is fragmenting the whole environment with positive vibes. Everybody’s smile is a sign of their happy, positive attitude towards their work as well as towards their workplace.

To provide hassle-free services to customers, BIS provide time to time training or when new rules get into the amendment, BIS schedule the training for those who deal in BIS services. Timely these training are conducted in order to assure the customer satisfaction. Here BIS officials are providing training to create a feeling of understanding of their responsibilities and enhance everyone knowledge. ALEPH INDIA was an active part of this training.

Here all members of FOSG association standing in attention position addressing the nation and showing respect to the national anthem as well as to India.

It is said that on Diwali night, Goddess Lakshmi visits each house to bless her devotees with great wealth and luxuries. ALEPH INDIA being an Indian company, believes in every ritual of India and follows all traditional beliefs. Everyone wore traditional dresses and putting their hands together to make pooja complete.

Cake cutting celebration in office. The whole team of ALEPH INDIA together celebrates each person birthday and increase the morale of the whole team. It directly affects the efficiency of the whole staff; everyone gets and more convinced towards their work. ALEPH INDIA always tries to make their employees feel satisfied.

ALEPH INDIA is celebrating success together. Truly said, “Alone we can do little, together we can do more.” This victory is the result of combined efforts, hard work of every person and valuable direction provided by leaders.