LABORATORY EQUIPMENT AND SETUP: We ALEPH INDIA is a leading laboratory Equipment and Set Up manufacturer in India. Our vision is to produce safe and high-quality laboratory equipment that completes your laboratory. The products we offer to our clients are sourced from reputable firms known for their high quality.

We work on the philosophy of imparting knowledge through the medium of an exclusive and unique continuum of teaching aids. These are designed to question the obvious and monotonous and instead encourage thoughtfully and reason thinking and knowledge among the numerous students receiving education worldwide.

Built on this philosophy, our educational kits and aids are appropriate for use in a diverse array of classroom environments and assist the teachers in revitalizing and upgrading their skills, thereby improving their ability to interact with the students.


The primary objectives of our organization are

  • To ensure that functional literacy progresses and continues.
  • To provide high-quality teaching materials to all teachers and students worldwide who respond to current and immediate learning demands, whether short-term or long-term.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a durable range of teaching and educational aids. Designed using the latest technology and modern machines, these products easily meet the revolutionary demands of the competitive market. We offer the following products:

  • Experiment Kit
  • Science Lab Kit

We believe in the constant development of innovative and effective manufacturing methodologies to improve our range of teaching and educational aids. We have established a separate R&D section on our premises that is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and overseen by seasoned personnel. This device assists us in developing a client-specific range at a low cost. Our skilled personnel undertakes in-depth research, which aids us in staying current with the most cutting-edge technologies in the business.


Our R&D Department focuses on the following parameters

  1. Product Innovation - We focus on product innovation, continuously trying to produce high-quality new products and improve the existing product to increase the product performance. In short, our R&D Department endlessly tries to improve what we have.

  2. Market Analysis - Market analysis plays an essential role in knowing the likes and dislikes of the customers; accordingly, our R&D department helps the production department produce the product according to the customer's taste.

  3. Enhancing the quality of the product - Our R&D department enhances the quality of the product as per the market analysis.

Our team has been one of the founding pillars of our organization. Their constant dedication to the quality and dependability of our products has earned us significant acclaim from clients worldwide. Our team consists of various specialists with extensive experience and understanding in the field of education. We were able to design an exclusive assortment of teaching aids thanks to their innovative thinking and commitment to make learning a more enjoyable and enjoyable experience.