QCO for Rubber & Leather Footwear


Earlier, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry had issued Footwear Quality Control Orders, 2020 for leather and rubber footwear to ensure standard compliance and the mandatory use of standard marks.

An order has been issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry regarding the revocation of quality control order 2020 related to leather & rubber footwear. This was published in the official gazette on 3rd June 2022.

As per this order, The Central Government has rescinded the following quality control order after consulting the Bureau of Indian Standards, except for things done or omitted to be done before such rescission.

  • Footwear made from all-rubber & all polymeric material and its components (Quality Control) Order, 2020
  • Footwear Made from Leather and other materials (Quality Control) Order, 2020

The Ministry of commerce and industry has also issued the following Quality Control Orders for leather and rubber footwear:

As per this QCO 2022, footwear made from leather and other material must comply with the corresponding Indian standard and bear the Indian Standard Mark (ISI Mark) under a licence from the Bureau of Indian Standards. It will be effective from the 1st of July, 2023.

To use a standard mark (ISI Mark) on footwear, the manufacturer must obtain a BIS license from the Bureau of Indian Standards. To obtain BIS certification and manufacture and sell footwear, the manufacturer must ensure that their product conforms to applicable Indian standards.

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