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Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) has covered more than 1000 products from different sectors under mandatory BIS Certification, and most of the products are very dangerous to human health as well as for the environment. Being a national standard body, its major function is to set the standards for the products keeping the safety of living things and nature in priority. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) ensures the product is safe to use, environment friendly and also helps the country economy to grow more as it boosts international trade.

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Since the Indian market lacks extensive fencing, manufacturers continue to emphasize profits over public health in order to make low-cost, high-quality goods. As we all know, every end-user in the world prioritizes product quality as they are spending a considerable amount of money to purchase that good. Due to this, BIS has developed over more than 19000 standards in a variety of technical fields, assisting the industry in improving the quality of its goods and services. The evolving globalised landscape has prompted the development and implementation of new standards, as well as cooperation with industrial companies and service providers and consumer education.

Very soon the Government of India and BIS will be going to tighten the quality control for products mentioned in the below table to curb the rising production of cheap quality products.

IS 411:2020 Titanium Dioxide, Anatase, for Paints
IS 17450-2020 1,3 Phenylenediamine
IS 10931:1948 Lauric Acid
IS 12029:1986 Acid Oil
IS 12067:1987 Palm Fatty Acid
IS 12068:1987 Rice Bran Fatty Acid
IS 12069:1987 Coconut Fatty Acid
IS 12124:1987 Rubberseed Fatty Acid
IS 12361:1988 Partially Hydrogenated Rice Bran Fatty Acids
IS 17077: 2019 Plastics - Acrylonitrile-Butadienestyrene (ABS) Moudling and Extrusion Materials Part 1 Designation System and Basis for Specifications
IS 17077:2020 Plastics - Acrylonitrile Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Moudling and Extrusion Materials Part 2 Preparation of Test Specimens and Determination of Properties
IS 17370:2020 Para-Xylene
IS 17442:2020 Vinyl Chloride Monomer
IS 17397:2020 Plastic-Thermoplastic Polyurethanes for Moulding and Extrusion Part 1 Designation system and Basis for specifications
IS 14434:1998 Polycarbonate Moulding and Extrusion Materials
IS 869:2020 Ethylene Dichloride

All the aforementioned products are the upcoming products in a very short time will stay in line with updated BIS norms. All manufacturers of these products must obtain BIS Certification and must bear ISI Mark. These products cannot be stored, sold, manufactured in Indian market without ISI Mark.

For this, you have to adopt certain procedures for quality control which is a little difficult and time-consuming.

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