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BIS Registration – BIS added 12 new product categories in BIS 2020 (Latest update in CRS)

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has released a list of new product categories to be included in the Schedule of the “Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for the Compulsory Registration). This expansion is done as our government set a goal to ensure high-quality, safety and reliability of products. Few products are listed below, rest you can find in video.

  • Standalone LED Modules for general lighting
  • Lighting chain (Rope lights)
  • Keyboard
  • Automatic teller cash dispensing machine
Process to get Hallmarking

A Hallmark lends credibility to the purity of the jewelry. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution has made it compulsory for the jewelers to get their jewelry hallmarked from any BIS recognized Assaying and Hallmarking centers. Process involves 3 steps:

  1. Homogeneity testing
  2. Purity testing
  3. Marking individual items.
Hope this video will adore you and will answer your all questions about hallmarking.

How to apply for, BIS, ISI Mark, CRS, Hallmarking Centre Licence, FMCS, WPC, BEE, Licence, by Aleph?

How to apply for, BIS, ISI Mark, CRS, Hallmarking Centre Licence, FMCS, WPC, BEE, Licence, by Aleph? If you want to get your product registered and certified in cost-effective way then ALEPH INDIA is only the platform which will get your product certified and launch in market with symbol of TRUST. Whether you are a start-up firm or a globally established business, we have tailor-made solutions as per the best interests of your business
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BIS Registration Process | How to get BIS certificate in India? | Who can apply for BIS certificate?

BIS Certification is providing 3 rd party guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products to the consumer. Government has made BIS Certification mandatory for certain products for the sake of public health. In India, Government provides BIS Certification for the product under different schemes like

  1. Normal Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers
  2. Simplified Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers
  3. Tatkal Scheme
  4. Eco Mark Scheme
  5. Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme

Organizations that are engaged in manufacturing, assembly and services, having legal entity in India or in abroad can apply for this. For detailed information, please watch video.

BIS Certification - Normal Procedure | ISI Mark Certification Process for Foreign Manufacturers

ISI Mark is a product quality certification mark in India. ALEPH INDIA is a well experienced service provider consultant for ISI Certification for India as well as for foreign manufacture. If foreign manufacturer want to sell products in India, ISI Mark Certification is mandatory and their product should meet the Indian Standards.

In Video we have defined the complete process for attaining ISI Mark Certification and how ALEPH INDIA will help you in every step.

BEE Registration, Mandatory Product, Star Rating Program

Bureau of Energy Efficiency agency constituted under the Ministry of Power, Government of India and its main motto is to reduce energy and cost saving. The Governments has made it mandatory for some notified products to have star rating and labels. A higher star rating represents higher energy saver. A level 1 contributor is the highest achievable status and the lowest level of BEE compliance is level 8.
For more and detailed information, Please watch video….

Bis Registration Process for Amplifier, How to get BIS Registration on Amplifier, Series guideline

An Amplifier uses electric power from a power supply to increase the amplitude of a signal. From 3 July 2013, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has required AMPLIFIERS to be registered as per IS 616:2017 under Compulsory Registration Scheme from BIS under the Gazette of India. While meeting the technical requirements of the standard has not been a challenge, working with the testing laboratories and BIS had not come so easily. Constantly changing requirements and administrative roadblocks have burdened many manufacturers. Aleph India QMS is here to break all the obstacles during your BIS Registration for AMPLIFIERS.

Webinar on BIS Certification on footwear | Complete Procedure to get BIS Licence on footwear


BIS Registration in India - Complete Process for New Category, Who can apply for BIS Registration?

The Central Government, hereby includes the 12 New products to the Schedule of the “Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012, this video addressed to for the process of bis registration/Certification.

BEE Registration, Mandatory Product, StarRating Program. How to apply?

A BEE-rating certificate is a document that indicates a company’s level of BEE compliance. A level one contributor is the highest achievable status and the lowest level of BEE compliance is level eight. The higher the BEE status level, the stronger a company is in relation to its competition. Companies should aim to achieve a higher status level annually.