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BIS Aleph India

Successfully Granted BIS First Licence for Ferronickel Under FMCS

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that Aleph India has successfully completed another FMCS project for the First BIS certification for "Ferronickel" in accordance with ...

Published Date : 01/02/2023
General Aleph India

Aleph INDIA Featured in Money control (News Website)

We are happy to share the news that Aleph INDIA’s Director Mr. Raghvendra Singh's interview on "Toy Safety Standards in India" has been featured on Money Control (a well-kno...

Published Date : 17/01/2023
BIS Aleph India

Indian Standards for Digital TV Receivers, USB Type C Connectors, and VSS

The Bureau of Indian Standards has published three significant Indian Standards in the field of electronics. The first standard is for digital television receivers with built-...

Published Date : 12/01/2023
BIS Aleph India

Successfully Granted BIS First Licence for Terephthalic Acid Under FMCS

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that Aleph India has successfully completed another FMCS project for the First BIS certification for "Terephthalic Acid" in accordance...

Published Date : 07/01/2023
BIS Aleph India

India is Considering Adding 58 Chemicals to The BIS Mandatory List in 2023

India’s Department of Chemical and Petrochemicals (DCPC) held a stakeholder consultation meeting on 22 December 2022 to consider adding 58 chemicals to the BIS mandatory cer...

Published Date : 07/01/2023
BIS Aleph India

India looking to bring 50 products under quality control order

By the second quarter of 2023-2024, the Indian government is likely to issue QCO, mandating BIS certification for up to 50 products, including electric fans, smart metres, alu...

Published Date : 23/12/2022
ISI Mark Aleph India

BIS QCO Extension for Refrigerating Appliances

Earlier, in order to ensure standard compliance and the mandatory use of standard marks, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued the Refrigerating Appliances QCO 2020...

Published Date : 21/12/2022
BIS Aleph India

Parallel Testing procedure of BIS registration for Electronic Products

BIS is now going to implement a parallel testing procedure for electronic products for Grant of Licence (GoL) as per the Conformity Assessment Scheme-II of Schedule-II of BIS ...

Published Date : 20/12/2022
ISI Mark Aleph India

BIS Certification for Electric Fans and Smart Meters

The Indian government is planning to issue QCO, mandating BIS certification for electric fans and smart meters. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry will soon issue quality c...

Published Date : 07/12/2022
ISI Mark Aleph India

BIS Raid on Electric Toys Shop in Coimbatore

The BIS Coimbatore branch caught electric toys without ISI mark being sold in an Ammapet shop. BIS raided a shop on Jothi Theatre Main Road, Ammapet and seized electric toys w...

Published Date : 28/11/2022
ISI Mark Aleph India

Grant of BIS License for Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes and Tubes

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that Aleph India has successfully completed another BIS ISI Mark license project for stainless steel seamless pipes and tubes for gene...

Published Date : 22/11/2022
ISI Mark Aleph India

BIS QCO Extension for Air Conditioner and Its Related Parts

Earlier, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued the Air Conditioner and its related Parts, Hermetic Compressor, and Temperature Sensing Controls (Quality Control) Order,...

Published Date :21/11/2022
General Aleph India

Aleph INDIA attended Seminar on Strategies for India Trade Environment & Policy

Aleph INDIA’s CEO and former DDG BIS Shri A K Sharma, and Aleph INDIA’s Director, Mr Yogesh K.T attended the seminar on strategies for India trade environment & policy on ...

Published Date : 17/11/2022
General Aleph India

Pramod Kumar Jaiswal exits ALEPH INDIA GROUP

New Delhi, August 02, 2022: In the recent unprecedented development in the Company, Shri Pramod Kumar Jaiswal, Executive director handling the ISI Marketing wing in the Compan...

Published Date : 17/11/2022
BIS Aleph India

BIS Raid on Cattle Feed Manufacturer

BIS has caught non-licensed cattle feed manufacturer in J&K. BIS raided J&K Factories and found that the manufacturers produce cattle feed illegally without a BIS license. BIS...

Published Date : 12/11/2022
BIS Aleph India

BIS Audit of Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd., Singapore

We are delighted to share this great news that Aleph INDIA Group once again successfully achieved the milestone by completing the BIS Inspection for our reputable client M/s S...

Published Date : 01/11/2022
General Aleph India

Aleph INDIA CEO Felicitated on World Standard Day, 2022

We are happy to share with you that BIS honoured Aleph India CEO and former DDG Shri A K Sharma on the occasion of World Standard Day. Every year on October 14th, World Standa...

Published Date : 21/10/2022
BIS Aleph India

BIS Certification for Cattle Feed as per IS 2052:2009

The Bureau of Indian Standards recently issued a BIS Licence for Cattle feeds as per IS 2052:2009. One of our clients, M/s Darbar Feed Mills, has received a BIS licence for Ca...

Published Date : 21/10/2022
BIS Aleph India

Grant of BIS Licence for Hydrogen Peroxide as per IS 2080

The Bureau of Indian Standards recently issued a BIS Licence for hydrogen peroxide in accordance with IS 2080. M/s Solvay Peroxythai Limited, one of our clients, has received ...

Published Date : 13/10/2022
BIS Aleph India

BIS Certification for Milk and Milk Products

BIS has developed a novel and first-of-its-kind certification scheme for milk and milk products, considering the perishable nature and short shelf-life of milk and milk produc...

Published Date : 11/10/2022
BIS Aleph India

BIS License for Blending Units for Manufacture of Fortified Rice (IS 17854:2022)

The Bureau of Indian Standard recently issued a BIS license for “Equipment for the manufacture of fortified rice” as per IS 17854: 2022. BIS has made it mandatory to obtai...

Published Date : 26/09/2022
BIS Aleph India

BIS Certification for Fatty Acids

Economic growth and development depend on the quality and quantity of products and services produced in the country. The Indian government is also working towards achieving th...

Published Date : 17/09/2022
BIS Aleph India

BIS Certification for Geotextiles

Geotextiles are one of the fastest growing sectors of the technical textile market, and they are expected to continue to grow. Geotextiles products have many applications and ...

Published Date : 11/08/2022
BIS Aleph India

BIS Certification for Protective Textiles

Protective textiles are a type of technical textile that is used for protection purposes. Protective textiles have a wide range of applications, which is critical in the workp...

Published Date : 05/08/2022
BIS Aleph India

BIS Certification for Medical Textiles Products

Medical textiles play an essential protective function in the healthcare industry. Medical Textile is widely used to meet the diverse needs of the medical sector. These produc...

Published Date : 03/08/2022
BIS Aleph India

BIS Certification for Agro Textiles Products

Agro textiles such as shaded nets, insect nets, jute Agro textiles, woven, non-woven fabric, windshield nets, etc. are commonly used in agriculture and horticulture applicatio...

Published Date : 02/08/2022
General Aleph India

EPR PWM Registration Certificate Granted through Aleph India

We are pleased to share with you that our client, PRASEEDA EXIM LLP, West Bengal, has been granted an EPR Registration Certificate for Importer under the Plastic Waste Managem...

Published Date : 20/07/2022
BIS Aleph India

BIS to Include Sustainability Requirements in Indian Standards

BIS is going to include sustainability requirements in Indian standards, for example, in steel standards, consumption of green hydrogen, green steel, reduction in CO2 emission...

Published Date : 18/07/2022
ISI Mark Aleph India

First License for Textile Polyester Continuous Filament Fully Drawn Yarn

BIS recently issued an All-India First Licence for " Textiles-Polyester Continuous Filament Fully Drawn Yarn” in accordance with IS 17261:2019. BIS has also issued a circula...

Published Date : 18/07/2022
General Aleph India

Aleph INDIA became the Member of PTA User Association

We are happy to share with you that Aleph India has recently become a member of the Polyester Textile Apparel Industry Association. The Polyester Textile Apparel Industry Asso...

Published Date : 01/07/2022
General Aleph India

Aleph India CEO felicitated as a guest of Honour by BIS

We are pleased to share with you that Aleph India CEO and former DDG, BIS Shri A K Sharma, is felicitated as Guest of Honor by BIS DDG Smt. Chitra Gupta on the occasion of the...

Published Date : 28/06/2022
BIS electric ceiling fan


BIS has issued a notification regarding the suspension of market surveillance of products covered under the compulsory registration scheme. As per this notification, BIS marke...

Published Date : 14/06/2022
BIS electric ceiling fan


Earlier, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry had issued Footwear Quality Control Orders, 2020 for leather and rubber footwear to ensure standard compliance and the mandatory...

Published Date : 11/06/2022
BIS, BEE electric ceiling fan


The Ministry of Power has issued a notification specifying the compliance of electric ceiling fans. All Manufacturers shall have to ensure that their product meets the require...

Published Date : 17/05/2022
BIS linear-alkyl-benzene

All INDIA First Licence for Silica Gel as per IS 3401:1992

Bureau of Indian standard has recently issued an All-India First Licence for “Silica Gel” in accordance with IS 3401:1992. BIS has also issued a circular...

Published Date : 27/04/2022
BIS linear-alkyl-benzene


Bureau of Indian standard has recently issued an All-India First Licence for “Linear Alkyl Benzene” in accordance with IS 12795:2020...

Published Date : 27/04/2022
BIS electric-kettles


BIS recently issued an All-India First Licence for "Electric kettles and jugs for household and similar use- Specification (Fourth Revision)" in accordance with IS 367:1993...

Published Date : 27/04/2022
BIS hawai chappal

BIS Revision of Footwear Standards for Hawai Chappal IS 10702:1992

India's standard development process has been led by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). All established standards are reviewed on a regular basis, at least once every five years, to determine whether they need to be revised or withdrawn...

Published Date : 06/04/2022
BIS polyester

BIS Revision of Indian Standards for Textile Polyester

India's standard development process has been led by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the National Standards Body of India, established under the BIS Act 1986 and updated with the BIS Act 2016...

Published Date : 05/04/2022
General polyester

Latest Updates on Chemical Management and Safety Rules (CMSR) 2022

The Indian government recently circulated the 5th Draft of the Chemical (Management and Safety) Rules, which will replace the existing Manufacture, Storage, and Import of Hazardous Chemicals...

Published Date : 05/04/2022
BIS eco mark

Expansion of Eco Mark Scheme by BIS

With the efforts of Aleph India, BIS and the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change have decided to expand the Eco Mark scheme by including more products under the fold of Eco mark...

Published Date : 05/04/2022
BIS Steel pipes

New Indian Standard for Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes

India is the world's second-largest steel producer, and it is also on its way to achieving complete quality control. To achieve the goal of a full quality regime, it is necessary to bring quality standards for stainless steel products such as pipes and tubes...

Published Date : 19/02/2022
BIS Commercial Feeds/ Feed Materials

BIS Extension for Compliance of Commercial Feeds/ Feed Materials

The Government of India and Food Safety and Standard Authority of India have again extended the timeline for compliance of Commercial Feeds/ Feed Material to meet the relevant Indian standards...

Published Date : 19/01/2022
BIS bis-raid-on-non-license-holders

BIS Raid on Non-license Holder of Aluminium Foil and Helmet Manufacturer

BIS Caught Non-License Holders Of Aluminum Foil And Helmet Manufacturers In Delhi. BIS Raided Paharganj, Shalimar Village, And Subashnagar Factories...

Published Date : 15/12/2021
BIS bis-scheme-for-milk-and-milk-products

BIS Launched a New Scheme – IX for Milk & Milk Products

In India, quality control bodies have established quality standards for milk and milk products as it is the most important...

Published Date : 13/12/2021
BIS bis-certification-for-sports-products

BIS Certification for Sports Products

On 1st December 2021, a National webinar was held by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) on “Standards on Sports...

Published Date : 06/12/2021
Hallmark gold-jewellery-hallmarking

BIS Hallmark on Gold Jewellry Mandatory Now

In the Parliament of India, a law was passed to make hallmarking mandatory for gold jewellry in India to ensure quality in the jewellry trade...

Published Date : 04/12/2021
BIS bis upcoming list

Latest News for Upcoming Products Under Mandatory BIS Certifications

Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) has covered more than 1000 products from different sectors under mandatory BIS Certification, and most of the products are very dangerous to human health as well as for the environment...

Published Date : 02/12/2021
BIS top-bis-contsultant

Aleph India as Top BIS Consultant by Industry Outlook

Top BIS Consultant: As per Industry Outlook a business magazine, Aleph India has got the first rank in the top 10 BIS consultants 2021. Aleph India is the top consultant in all types...

Published Date : 21/11/2021
BIS dispersible-polymer-powder

BIS has accepted Aleph India’s Proposal for New Indian Standard of Re-dispersible Polymer Powder

BIS is a National Standard Body of India, formulate Indian Standards of products, services, test methods, guidelines for products and services etc...

Published Date : 14/10/2021
General import-bis-and-isi-mark

NOC (No Objection Certificate) for Steel Importers [BIS & ISI Mark Exemption For Steel Products]

Steel and steel products are one of the major products which are being imported to India on a large scale. Due to very heavy imports, there are high chances of product dumping...

Published Date : 10/11/2021
General aleph-cirs

Aleph INDIA and CIRS Entered into Strategic Partnership

ALEPH INDIA has signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with CIRS for collaboration of International regulatory compliances like REACH Registration, UK REACH, New Chemical...

Published Date : 10/09/2021
General amazon-spn

Aleph INDIA is Now Official Partner of Amazon - SPN

Amazon is the most renowned world’s largest online market place. The best part of Amazon is that it prioritizes customer satisfaction over competition with its competitors...

Published Date : 10/04/2021

All India First Licence for IS 17012 : 2018

Aleph INDIA has become India's first consulting firm to achieve the "ALL INDIA FIRST LICENCE for IS 17012 : 2018" for his customer. Our dedicated team, hardworking nature...

Published Date : 18/04/2021
CE Certification consumer

How to use CE Mark on Your Product?

CE marking is an administrative marking that signifies compliance with health, safety, and environmental requirements for goods sold in the European Economic Area (EEA)...

Published Date : 26/04/2021
Hallmark gold-jewellery-hallmarking

Mandatory Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery Comes into Force from 16th June 2021

Based on extensive consultations with stakeholders, following decisions were taken. Hallmarking will be initially be starting from 256 districts of the country which have...

Published Date : 17/06/2021
ISI Mark isi product

Why ISI Mark is Required on Products?

ISI Stands for Indian Standards Institute; A body setup after India's independence to develop the standards required for orderly commercial growth and the maintenance of quality...

Published Date : 04/05/2021
ISI Mark footwear

Leather Footwear Compulsorily in BIS Certification Scheme in India

The Department issued three orders which going to cover and lie under these different rubber and leather footwear to be in the mandate section of BIS Certification of footwear...

Published Date : 20/05/2021
ISI Mark bis for toys

BIS for Domestic toys manufactures - BIS Certification for Import of Toys

Play is not risk-free – and nor should it be but if we talk about external factors like toys, it seems to be crucial to ensure that there should be no harm to children playing with one of the...

Published Date : 28/05/2021
ISI Mark wheel rim

Mandatory BIS Certification for Wheel Rim – Aleph INDIA

“High quality” and “top quality” are some of the terminologies used so often by manufacturers to represent their products that they’ve all but most of the time lost their impact on skeptical sales...

Published Date : 25/06/2021
BIS bis certificate

Overview of BIS certificate and certification cost by Aleph INDIA

The Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS) Ensures The Quality, Protection, And Dependability Of Products In India Is A Government-Run Organization. BIS Certificate Provided by...

Published Date : 05/07/2021
BIS bis certification consultant

Contact with the top BIS Certification Consultants

IS Certification Is Defined As Providing The Consumer With Third Party Assurance Of Health, Durability And Product Consistency. BIS Certification Is Optional; As Of Now, This Certification...

Published Date : 20/07/2021
BIS bis online

Get BIS Online certificate by Aleph INDIA

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) operating under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution of the Indian government is the country's national standards...

Published Date : 28/07/2021
BIS bis certification consultant

Know about BIS Registration Process of Aleph INDIA

BIS Registration Process Is A Method Of Offering A Third-Party Assurance Of Product Quality, Protection, And Dependability To Customers. BIS Certification Is A Voluntary Program; However...

Published Date : 05/08/2021
General aleph india

Aleph Pvt. Ltd. - Not a Iphone Seller

Are you searching Aleph India iPhone or aleph India Olx or anybody is trying to sell you iPhone in the name of Aleph India Pvt. ltd, Aleph Pvt Limited, or aleph pvt ltd....

Published Date : 28/05/2021