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Aleph India

Top BIS Consultant

Aleph India is one of the leading BIS consultants and 1000 plus ISI mark Certificate grants in all types of registration like ISI, CRS scheme bis certi...

Published Date : 02/07/2024
Aleph India

BIS ISI Certification for Cylinders, Valves and Regulators

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) ISI certification holds immense importance in ensuring the quality and safety of cylinder valves and regulators across various i...

Published Date : 18/03/2024
Aleph India

BIS Certification Schemes in India - Process, Documents, Fees

BIS certification is a license granted by the Bureau of Indian Standards to use a certain Standard Mark on goods or articles that meet an Indian standard. BIS certif...

Published Date : 02/01/2023
Aleph India

BIS Certification for Air Conditioners and Its Related Parts

The size of the air conditioner market is constantly growing, and by 2027F, India's air conditioner market is expected to reach USD6,054.96 million, growing at a CAG...

Published Date : 03/12/2022
Fatty Acids

BIS Certification for Fatty Acids

Economic growth and development depend on the quality and quantity of products and services produced in the country. The Indian government is also working towar...

Published Date : 17/09/2022
Aleph India

BIS Registration for Nickel-Cadmium Battery

Nickel-cadmium batteries and cells have gained popularity in recent years due to their quality and benefits. Nickel-cadmium battery, also known as a Ni-Cd battery...

Published Date : 20/08/2022
Aleph India

BIS Registration for Lithium-ion Batteries/Cell

Li-ion batteries have emerged as the most popular secondary batteries in recent years due to their light weight, higher energy density, and longer lifespan. Lithium...

Published Date : 16/08/2022

BIS Certification for Geotextiles

Geotextiles are one of the fastest growing sectors of the technical textile market, and they are expected to continue to grow. Geotextiles products have many ap...

Published Date : 11/08/2022
Protective Textiles

BIS Certification for Protective Textiles

Protective textiles are a type of technical textile that is used for protection purposes. Protective textiles have a wide range of applications, which is critic...

Published Date : 05/08/2022
Aleph India

BIS Registration for Chemicals

BIS is an Indian quality management organization that manages, grades, and standardizes the quality standard of goods...

Published Date : 03/08/2022
Medical Textile Products

BIS Certification for Medical Textiles Products

Medical textiles play an essential protective function in the healthcare industry. Medical Textile is widely used to meet the diverse needs of the medical secto...

Published Date : 03/08/2022
Medical Textile Products

BIS Certification for Agro Textiles Products

Agro textiles such as shaded nets, insect nets, jute Agro textiles, woven, non-woven fabric, windshield nets, etc. are commonly used in agriculture and horticul...

Published Date : 02/08/2022