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Streamlining Solar Innovation: BIS Introduces Online CCL Updates for Solar PV Modules

Enhancing Efficiency for a Sustainable Future

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has taken a significant step towards streamlining the solar industry by launching an online processing feature for Critical Component List (CCL) updates for Solar PV Modules. This new feature aims to simplify compliance and enhance efficiency for manufacturers, fostering innovation and sustainability in the solar sector.

Key Features of the Online CCL Update Process

  • 1. Live CCL Update Feature for Solar PV Modules

    The BIS has activated the Critical Component List update feature, allowing manufacturers to submit test reports when there are changes in the Bill of Materials for registered modules, without altering the model number. This ensures that updates are seamless and efficient.

  • 2. Ensuring Accuracy Before Submission

    Licensees are urged to verify the correctness of their model numbers on the portal before submitting online requests. Any discrepancies should be reported to BIS immediately to avoid delays in processing.

  • 3. Swift Processing and Intimation

    Once a CCL update request is submitted, BIS will review and place it on record. Licensees will receive confirmation within five working days, provided all documentation is complete and product conformity is satisfactorily established.

  • 4. One-Time Relaxation on Test Report Acceptance

    A special relaxation has been granted for test reports generated on or after February 15, 2024, extending beyond the usual 90-day acceptance window. Requests for acceptance of these reports must be emailed within seven days of this circular’s issuance, including all relevant details (R-No., CRS No., Test request no., Test report no., and date).

Conclusion: Empowering Solar Manufacturers

This initiative by the BIS underscores its commitment to supporting the solar industry's growth and ensuring compliance is both efficient and accessible. By leveraging the new online CCL update feature, manufacturers can more easily adapt to changes, maintain high standards, and contribute to a greener future. For further details and to utilize the new feature, manufacturers are encouraged to visit the BIS portal and ensure timely compliance with the updated processes. Let’s embrace this advancement and continue driving innovation in the solar energy sector.