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Important Update regarding Standard Amendments applicable to all existing licence holders/ new applicants/ manufactures/ importers/ product sellers for the product “Poultry Feed” valid for indian market. The Bureau Of Indian Standards has taken this step to ensure that the feed is packed with nutrition so that birds can produce more nutrition for human beings in the form of eggs and meat.

BIS Notification For Standard Amendment of “Poultry Feed IS 1374:2007


Standard Amendment Notification, 2021 issued for goods/articles Poultry Feeds, through Gazette Notification dated 29th November, 2021.

The Government of India and Department of Consumer Affairs in India have come up with the latest Standard Amendment for product “Poultry Feeds IS 1374:2007”. The Bureau of Indian Standards officially notifies that Amendments to Indian standards, the details of which are shown in the table below, have been made in accordance with Sub-rule (1) of Rule (15) of the Bureau of Indian Standards Rules, 2018.

"This standard was published for the first time in 1959. Following that, in 1964, 1968, 1979, and 1981, this standard was changed in light of research undertaken in the county in the field of poultry nutrition and the changing raw material condition. The standard's fourth revision was undertaken to update the requirements based on new data and to verify that the recommended nutritional needs were met."

"Broiler weight has increased from 1.5 kg in 8 weeks to 2. 0 kg in 4 weeks, while hen housed egg output has increased from 260 eggs in 1965 to 320 eggs in 2004. As a result, the nutritional requirements of poultry must be examined, and the fifth revision of the standard has been undertaken with this in mind."

BIS has made new changes in the Standard, and amendment no. 1 was established on 26th Nov. 2021, and till 25th Feb, 2022 BIS has given the time to existing licence holders/manufacturers for doing the required amendments, you can download the copy of this amendment online by following below mentioned steps:

  1. Log in to BIS Site
  2. Go to Standard Published
  3. Know your Standard

Implementation Authority : Bureau of Indian Standards (Govt. of India)

“Standard Amendments,2021”

No., Year & Title of the Indian Standards Established No. and Month/Year of the Amendment Date of Establishment of the Amendment Date till which the standard without the amendment as mentioned in column 3 shall remain in force
IS 1374 : 2007 Poultry Feeds ─ Specification (Fifth Revision) Amendment No. 1 Nov 2021 26 Nov 2021 25 Feb 2022


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Implementation Dates: As per the notifications, amendment no.1 establishment date of product “Poultry Feed” is 26 November, 2021. Till 25-Feb-2022 standard without amendment can remain in force.

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Attachment: Standard Amendment Order issued by Bureau of Indian Standards

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