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Mr. S P Hiremath

Ex - Director and Head
(Bureau of Indian Standard)

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Mr. Shivanand P Hiremath served as the Director and Head of the Bureau Of Indian Standard as the Scientist in “F” Category and along with it he worked on the position of HMO and BNBO. He was posted in Bengaluru of BIS wherein he approved 1000 Applications for the BIS Certification. He also designated as the Head of Laboratory and framed many standards for the Laboratory establishment in the accreditation of BIS to check the product purity and safety composition to allow to be used by common people. In the 30 years of his professional life, he worked on BIS Conformity Assessment Schemes which includes scrutinisation of product certification requests from the domestic manufacturers based in South Indian region. He many product certifications after the detailed study of product composition and its safety parameters judgment. He is very well known personality in the industry. From the start, Mr. S P Hiremath used his ecperirnce in the Product testing area to help BIS department.