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Former Deputy Director General (Bureau of Indian Standards)

Mr. A. K. SHARMA (Akshay Kumar Sharma) worked in BIS as Deputy Director General (DDG) Scientist ‘G’ and has more than 36 years of experience in BIS Conformity Assessment Schemes (Registration, Product Certification, Management System). As granting authority, he had granted number of BIS Registration certificates under CRS Scheme. He also issued number of BIS License for ISI mark to various industries in India and abroad. In BIS he was given the best officer award by the Director General of BIS. Mr. AK Sharma initiated and developed the Registration Scheme of BIS as Head of Registration. He granted the first BIS registrations to organizations like SONY and Samsung. He is well known in the industry. Thereafter not only he awarded thousands of Registration certificates to industry but also developed and modified all Rules, Regulations, Procedures, Instructions, Circulars related to BIS Registration. For his work in BIS Registration Mr. A. K Sharma was recognized by the MAIT ( Manufacturers Association of Information Technology). Mr. A. K. Sharma was DDG(Certification) and while working in CMD developed and initiated the regime of Quality Control Orders thereby bringing a number of products under BIS compulsory certification. In the BIS Management System Certification he worked as DDG (Management System Certification). He SINGLE HANDEDLY prepared all BIS Manuals, Procedures Formats, Guidelines, for all management systems. He got the BIS Management System Certification accreditated from RvA(RvC), Netherlands and NABCB (QCI), INDIA. He was also DDG (training) at BIS, NITS and organized training programmes for indian industry, service sectors, Govt department and also for international trainee from other countries.

Mr. S P Hiremath
Ex - Director and Head (Bureau of Indian Standards)

Mr. Shivanand P Hiremath served as the Director and Head of the Bureau Of Indian Standard as the Scientist in “F” Category and along with it he worked on the position of HMO and BNBO. He was posted in Bengaluru of BIS wherein he approved 1000 Applications for the BIS Certification. He also designated as the Head of Laboratory and framed many standards for the Laboratory establishment in the accreditation of BIS to check the product purity and safety composition to allow to be used by common people. In the 30 years of his professional life, he worked on BIS Conformity Assessment Schemes which includes scrutinisation of product certification requests from the domestic manufacturers based in South Indian region. He many product certifications after the detailed study of product composition and its safety parameters judgment. He is very well known personality in the industry. From the start, Mr. S P Hiremath used his experience in the Product testing area to help BIS department.

Mr. Gurdeep Cheema
Principle Consultant

Mr.Gurdeep Cheema is dedicated, ambitious, result driven leader and thoughtful individual. Preferably have Bachelor’s Degree in Technology and Master’s degree in Business Administration with excellent specializations. Prior to his current position, he got qualified from different government organizations like National Institute of Training for Standards, BIS etc for granting FMCS Certificate.
He is dealing with difficult situations and fantastic problem solver. Entering a new market, country is a complicated process and requires clear understanding of culture, behavior, foreign business regulations and practice while taking these perspectives into consideration, Mr. Cheema have taken ALEPH INDIA to the top level of success.
He has experience of more than a decade in technical certification with BIS after giving his services to clients of more than16 countries with 1500+ products. He is truly a support pillar who reinforces a culture of integrity, ethical behavior and responsibility across the business.
Industry leader who pioneered a global business and served manufacturers in best possible way!

Mr.Yogesh Kant Tiwari
Operation & Legal Head

Mr. Yogesh Kant Tiwari is known as one of the top talent advisor in India after having the prestigious memberships with renowned Organizations like FOSG etc. Well qualified withBachelor’s in Technology from globally recognized University additionally hasspecializationin Law with LLB degree develops cutting-edge strategies for organization development. He loves to create the future of your product in market by just giving a final touch to your product before it is launched.
He analyses complete product at initial stage and scrutinize about its technical aspects. He devotes the whole team to create superior and fast services.
In 10 years of carrier, Mr. Tiwari had handled more than 7000+ clients worldwide. With experience across the value chain, end-to-end, he help clients to create final product certification that come not just from knowing, but from the practical knowledge and ability. His capability to understand the requirements of the client and to serve them with best solutions has made ALEPH INDIA the trusted name in this particular field globally.
Creating value in the field of society and environment!

Mr. IN Chiyun
Project Manager

Passionately manage ALEPH KOREA OFFICE which is situated in South Korea. Persistently working from last 6 years in technical certification and creating good life for its clients by providing best and seamless services.
He is in charge for client coordination and technicaladviser for chemicals and petrochemicalindustries. He has experience of preparing project budget in given time frame andmanaged resources. He is very well aware of the different country’scompliances rules and regulations. His professional image makes our ALEPH group very outstanding.
Working hard to create a turnaroundin struggling certification business!

Mr. Raghvendra Singh
Finance & Mktg Head

Mr. Singh is well qualified with different fields like Bachelors of Technology and Masters in Business Administration which makes him perfect in every field. He is responsible for finance’s work across ALEPH INDIA’S market and services worldwide indulging sales, contracting and delivery of client’s engagement.  In addition, he hasresponsibilityfor evolving ALEPH INDIA economicmodel and capital allocation to support thecompany’s long-termgrowth strategy.
He used to manage 80% of manufacturing projects in Punjab and Haryana. He is also monitoring CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme) presently. He is responsible for cultivating and maintaining company’s strategic relationships and communications with broader investment community.
Very well known for his excellent “Maximum Utilization of Resources”!

Mr. Pramod Jaiswal
Technical Head

Mr. Jaiswal’s Master’s degree in Engineering Technology knowledge and enthusiasm for learninghas always made it simple for him to reveal his presence inthis business world. He is the Factory Headof”Aleph Industries (India)Pvt Ltd “in Ghaziabad.
Being a Technical Head he provides technicaldirection for development, design and systems integration. Support technically production, service sales and marketing department. Whenever it comes to complex technical problems that may arise during production he tackles technical problems very smartly and takes most suitable decision.
Assure quick and timely delivery of services for the services our clients trust us!

Mr. Sunil Yadav
Assistant Manager

Mr. Sunil our Assistant Manager has an excellent qualification and expertise with Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering specialization.
Honest, faithful, well qualified and experienced personality ensures the successful development of the activities of standardization, marking and excellent certification of product.
He is also climbing the success ladder with the success of ALEPH INDIA. Mr. Yadav has assisted more than 130+ top foreign companies for granting BIS License.
Loyalty and dedication towards work has eventually paid him off!

Ms. Anjali Kanojia
Assistant Manager

Ms. Kanojia always aims at serving our clients with best services that is nothing less than perfect. She has served 134+ companies Indian as well as top most foreign companies for granting license from different departments like CRS, WPC, BEE, EPR, TEC and FSSAI. Years of experience in this industry has made hermultitalented and efficient.
Contributed a lot, in maximizing the number ofrenowned brands in our clientele through her appreciated and satisfactory services!

Mr. Prateek Minhas
Technical Manager

Mr. Minhas is at the forefront of the dynamic growth, revolution, and for accepting challenges. He received his Bachelors and Master Degree with Mechanical specialization which greatly contributed him in handling technical problems.
Being a technical manager he provides directionfor all members of the team when it comes todesigning, implementing, and updating. He constantly evaluates company platforms,networks and search for ways to improve them.He is responsible for tackling faults within company system and making sure those faults are fixed.He makes sure that all procedures are documented for reference and that all of the members of the Engineering team are trained to handle any situation.
Brings continuous innovation to help clients improvetheir Product performance and createeternal value across their enterprises!

Ms. Nidhi Jha
Senior Operation Executive

Keeps power of change to create value and shared success for our clients.Keep an eye on incoming problems/complaints of clients and respond actively to clients and employers regarding CRS, WPC and many other sections.
Ms. Jha has served 215+ top firms from different departmentslike CRS,WPC, BEE, EPR,FSSAI, ISO, her dedication and professionalism towards work are truly remarkable. 3 year ofexperience made hervaluable asset for the company.
Loyalty towards work developed zero tolerance for error in work!

Ms. Ankita Karir
Operation Executive

Her creative thinking and appreciable work have contributed a lot towards our foreign clients’ victory in building the authentic picture of their product in market. Her brilliant thoughts were published in International Journal of Advanced Education and Research on topic Covid-19 Impact in Nigeria.
She is working in FMCS (Foreign ManufacturersCertification Scheme) department. She has assisted foreign companies like Hanwha SolutionCorp., IndoramaPetrochemical Limited, ShellEastern Petroleum...etc for granting theBIS License. These are one of the most reputed companies in the market to whom shehas aided for granting of License.
Elevate the customer happiness to ensure long-term competitive advantage!

Ms. Kanak Bisht
Operation Executive

In small period she has taken her career to another level of success with ALEPH INDIA, her punctuality, dedication and wonderful productivity made this possible. She has assisted foreigncompanies like Salto Systems S.L, Epsilor Electricfuel Ltd., Richter lighting technologiesGmbH…etc for various regulatory compliances.These are well recognized companies across theglobe to which she has aided for granting License. She is efficient in handling client and full ofenthusiasmfor her work.
Best in everyday work that helps worldwide manufacturer!

Ms. Sanjana Singh
Senior Marketing Executive

Handling award winning marketing team and support ALEPH INDIA strategic priorities and continues to build the ALEPH INDIA brand globally. Ms. Sanjana is actively collaborating with marketing team to support their last-mile execution for BIS registration, certification, marking and licensing. She combines unmatched experience and specialized capabilities for serving morethan _____ industries. She is responsible for guiding the company’simage and market development through a period of high growth.
End-to-end awareness and experience and to deal with customers!

ALEPH INDIA family includes more 120+ (Corporate Office + Branch Office) members who together taking ALEPH INDIA to higher level of victory. ALEPH INDIA as an organization has adopted culture of converting adversity into opportunity and impossible to possible by challenging conventional wisdom.

Our ultimate aim has always been – and will always be – to touch the lives of manufacturer in a positive way!