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Latest QCO for Extended Enforcement date of Ferrosilicon and Ferronickelnews and update |    Important Notification for BIS Establishment for Stainless Steel Seamless and Welded Steel Pipes and Tubesnews and update |    QCO order for mandatory BIS certification of “Trimethyl Phosphite”news and update |    Updates On Bis Certification For Polyphosphoric Acidnews and update |    BIS Updates On Standard Amendment For Bicycles- Retro-reflective Devicesnews and update |    QCO Extention For Mandatory Bis Certification Of “phthalic Anhydride, Ethylene Glycol, Toluene, Terephthalic Acid & N-butyl Acrylate”news and update |    QCO Extension For Mandatory Bis Certification Of “vinyl Acetate Monomer, Methyl Acrylate & Ethyl Acrylate ”news and update |    Updates On Standards Amendmentsnews and update |    BIS Updates On Standard Amendment For Medical Textiles – Nonwoven Wipes IS 17787:2021 & Medical Textiles – Nonwoven Fabric For Wipes IS 17788:2021news and update |    BIS Certification For Plain Copier Paper news and update |    BIS Updates On Standard Amendment For Poultry Feeds IS 1374:2007 news and update |    QCO Extention For Mandatory BIS Certification Of Tool Steel Forgings For Metal Forming IS 13387:1992 news and update |    BIS Notification For “Regulation On Appropriate Use Of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Based Point-of-use (POU) Water Treatment System" news and update |    BIS Update On Standard Amendment For Domestic Gas Stoves news and update |    Updates For Maleic Anhydride, Acrylonitrile And Styrene (Vinyl Benzene) |    Updates On QCO For Trimethyl Phosphite |    Updates For Flat Transparent Sheet Glass |    Updates For Chemicals & Fertilizers |    Updates For Polyester Yarn Products |    Chemicals Quality Control Amendment Order |    BIS Standards Amendments |   

Aleph INDIA Group

aleph India
(Chief Advisor)

Former Deputy Director General
(Bureau of Indian Standards)

Founded in 2009 we, “Aleph INDIA" have carved a niche amongst the trusted names for Technical Certification & Regulatory Compliance all around the globe. The motive of Aleph INDIA is to provide a single-window to the manufacturers & importers for all kinds of Product’s Technical Certification & Regulatory Compliances. The head office of the business is located in New Delhi, INDIA with multiple offices locations domestic & overseas. Leveraging the skills of our qualified team of professionals, we are expertise in BIS Registration…

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BIS Audit of Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd., Singapore news and update |   Aleph INDIA CEO Felicitated on World Standard Day, 2022 news and update |   BIS Certification for Cattle Feed as per IS 2052:2009 news and update |   Grant of BIS Licence for Hydrogen Peroxide as per IS 2080 news and update |   BIS Certification for Milk and Milk Products news and update |   BIS License for Blending Units for Manufacture of Fortified Rice (IS 17854:2022) news and update |   BIS Certification for Fatty Acids news and update |   BIS Certification for Geotextiles news and update |   BIS Certification for Protective Textiles news and update |   BIS Certification for Medical Textiles Products news and update |   BIS Certification for Agro Textiles Products news and update |   EPR PWM Registration Certificate Granted through Aleph India news and update |   BIS to Include Sustainability Requirements in Indian Standards news and update |   First License for Textile Polyester Continuous Filament Fully Drawn Yarn news and update |   Aleph India became the Member of PTA User Association news and update |   Aleph India CEO felicitated as a guest of Honour by BIS news and update |   Suspension of BIS Market Surveillance for CRS Products news and update |   BIS QCO Extension for Leather and Rubber Footwear news and update |   BEE Star Ratings for Electric Ceiling Fans IS 374 news and update |   All India First Licence for Silica Gel as Per IS 3401:1992 |   All India First Licence for Linear Alkyl Benzene IS 12795:2020 |   All India First Licence for Electric Kettles and Jugs IS 367:1993 |   BIS Revision of Footwear Standards for Hawai Chappal IS 10702:1992 |   BIS Revision of Indian Standards for Textile Polyester |   Latest Updates on Chemical Management and Safety Rules (CMSR) 2022 |   Expansion of Eco Mark Scheme by BIS |   New Indian Standard for Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes |   BIS Extension For Compliance Of Commercial Feeds/ Feed Materials |    BIS Raid On Non-license Holder Of Aluminium Foil And Helmet Manufacturer |    BIS Launched A New Scheme – IX For Milk & Milk Products |    BIS Certification For Sports Products |    BIS Hallmark On Gold Jewellry Mandatory Now |    Latest News For Upcoming Products Under Mandatory BIS Certification |    Aleph India as Top BIS Consultant by Industry Outlook |    BIS has Accepted Aleph India’s Proposal For New Indian Standard Of Re-dispersible Polymer Powder |    NOC (No Objection Certificate) For Steel Importers [BIS & ISI Mark Exemption For Steel Products] |    Aleph India And Cirs Entered Into Strategic Partnershi |    Aleph India Is Honored To Join Hands With Amazon-SPN |    All India First Licence For IS 17012:2018 |    How to use CE mark on your product? |    Mandatory Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery comes into force from 16TH JUNE 2021 |    Why ISI Mark is Required on Products? |    Leather Footwear Compulsorily In BIS Certification Scheme In India |    BIS for Domestic toys manufactures - BIS Certification for Import of toys |    Mandatory BIS Certification For Wheel Rim – Aleph India |    Overview of BIS certificate and certification cost by Aleph INDIA |    Contact with the top BIS Certification Consultants |    Get BIS Online certificate by Aleph INDIA |    Know about BIS Registration Process of Aleph INDIA   

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