BIS QCO for the Steel and Steel Products (Ferromolybdenum - Specification)


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Important update regarding Indian Standard applicable to all existing Licence holders/ New applicants/ manufacturers/ importers/ product sellers for the Steel and Steel Products (Ferromolybdenum - Specification) (Quality Control) Order, 2024.

BIS QCO for the Steel and Steel Products (Ferromolybdenum - Specification)


The Ministry of Steel has issued a Quality Control Order titled the "Steel and Steel Products (Quality Control) Order, 2024."

Effective Date: - The order will come into force on the specified date in the Official Gazette.


  • It applies to Ferromolybdenum - Specification.
  • Excludes domestically manufactured steel and steel products for export conforming to foreign buyer specifications.

Standards Compliance:

  • Every steel strip shall conform to Indian Standard IS 1469: 1993.
  • Each consignment must be accompanied by a Test Certificate bearing the Standard Mark issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certified manufacturer.

Certification: - Steel products shall bear the Standard Mark under a license from the Bureau as per Scheme-I of Schedule-II of the Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018.

Disposal of Substandard Products: - Substandard or defective products must be disposed of as scrap in compliance with relevant provisions.

Enforcement: - The Bureau of Indian Standards is designated as the certifying and enforcing authority.

Penalties: - Violations of the order are punishable under Section 29 of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016 (11 of 2016).

Amendments: - Any amendments or revisions to the Indian Standards specified in the order by the Bureau of Indian Standards will apply from the notified date.

Implementation Authority :Bureau of Indian Standards (Govt. of India).


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Tel: +91-11-23231903

Implementation Dates: Draft Order

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Attachment: Standard Amendment Order issued by Bureau of Indian Standards

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