Are you searching Aleph India iPhone or aleph India Olx or anybody is trying to sell you iPhone in the name of Aleph India Pvt. ltd, Aleph Pvt Limited, or aleph pvt ltd. then beware and drop the idea of buying anything from these fraud people. As we have carried an official investigation on seller using aleph India name to sell iPhones on Olx, aleph India iPhone and even call you directly to buy electronic products at the cheap price. With smooth talk, they will make you transfer money for the product (iPhone) or any other mobile phone, and later you surely will not receive any iPhone, not even the empty box. We request you to not have any further communication with people who are selling aleph India iPhone on Olx or aleph pvt ltd mobile, or on any other platform. We Aleph Accreditation & Testing Centre Pvt. Ltd. have nothing to do with these people and carrying no business of selling anything on the internet.

People trust the name of our company for years as a reputed brand name in the niche industry we work in, there are still people who try to take advantage of our band name by carrying fraudulent practices on the internet to scam innocent people who might trust them after getting to know that the person contacting them comes from our company or the business is coming out of us. We care for the people who might walk into such frauds on the name of our company, we would like to inform anybody who is trying to buy a mobile phone like iPhone on the name of Aleph India Will be surlily cheated as we strictly do not sell any kind of product to consumers, Aleph INDIA is a service-based company, still, there are people Impersonating our brand name to sell different products on different online platforms or maybe they will directly call you, and in the reference, they might ask you to visit Aleph INDIA’s website to make you trust them.

The platforms on which they scam people are mainly OLX, with the name Aleph India on OLX, Aleph Pvt. Ltd. as there is one more aleph website with the name alephksa which is operated from Riyadh and will come on the top if you type Aleph India iPhone on google. These fraud people are also not them as this seller is not from India and has an address from Riyadh.

These are some untrue names these people operating with – aleph pvt ltd, aleph pvt ltd mobile, aleph private ltd, aleph private ltd, aleph india iphone, aleph india pvt ltd, aleph store india, aleph private ltd rajasthan, aleph private limited, aleph pvt ltd jaipur, aleph pvt ltd rajasthan, aleph pvt ltd iphone, aleph pvt ltd maharashtra, aleph iphone, aleph pvt ltd jaipur rajasthan

As you can see in these names that they mainly describe their location from aleph private ltd Rajasthan, aleph pvt ltd maharashtra, aleph pvt ltd jaipur rajasthan. Maharashtra and Jaipur, Rajasthan are the main states they describe their stores are.

We have received numerous information from the people who have been scammed from people using aleph India iPhone on Olx, though it doesn’t affect our business anyhow as we are mainly giving service of consultancy and assistance and all these services we provide are totally distinct from any selling of electronics or mobile phone but as a company, we are focused on moral values and character we create not just creating profits. We cannot forget our social ethics and concern towards the people who lost their hard-earned money to these dishonest people. That’s why we always tried to assist people in the right way who have been deceived by these frauds.

As the responsible part of society, we took the initiative to make people aware and taking hard and fast steps against phishing

These are some pictures and emails from people who became the victim of these fraudsters. Here, also we are attaching the FIR copy which we have launched to stop these swindles for the welfare of society.


We hope this alarming Information helps and contributes to the virtue of society. If this situation occurs in your course of action, we request you to be diligent about the issue and report the culprits. And if you are already being cheated or bluffed anyhow, we recommend Launching FIR under Cyber Crime Incident.

About Aleph INDIA

Aleph INDIA was established in the year 2009 over the years, we have placed ourselves amongst the assured names in the corporate world. We "Aleph INDIA Group" is a prominent Consultant in product testing and technical compliances for Indian regulatory requirements. Alep India helps the client to obtain certification and licenses under various schemes of the government of India.

Aleph INDIA Provided single window for all kinds of product certification and testing equipment, empowering clients in achieving higher production efficiency and quality standards. Simply helping to earn tremendous reliance on client’s products in the market. Aleph INDIA’s compliance service covers more than 40 countries/regions globally in the context of globalization and served more than 10 thousand companies.