BIS Updates on Standard Amendment for Door Handles


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Important update on mandatory BIS certification for manufacturers/importers of "Door Handles” for the Indian market.

BIS Notification For Standard Amendment of "Door Handles IS 208 : 2020"


The Bureau of Indian Standards (Department of Consumer Standards) has released a notification on amendment of Indian Standard for Door Handles.

As per this notification January 2023, the Bureau of Indian Standards notifies that the IS 208 : 2020 Door Handles – Specification (Sixth Revision) Indian standards were established on 26th Jan 2023. The particulars of the standards, listed in a attached QCO. This order was issued through a gazette notification dated January 30, 2023.

NOTE: This order is not applicable to the products or articles which are meant for export. Any person who violates the provisions of this order will be punished in accordance with the provisions of the BIS Act, 2016.

Implementation Authority : Bureau of Indian Standards (Govt. of India)


No., Year & Title of the Indian Standards Established No. and Month/Year of the Amendment Date of Establishment of the Amendment Date till which the standard without the amendment as mentioned in column 3 shall remain in force
IS 208 : 2020
Door Handles — Specification (Sixth Revision)
Amendment No. 1
January 2023
26 January 2023 25 July 2023


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Implementation Dates: This order shall come into force on the 25th July 2023.”

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Attachment: Standard Amendment Order issued by Bureau of Indian Standards

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