IS 16240: 2015

Many organised and unorganised sectors have entered the market for RO technology-based water treatment. This advancement highlights the need and necessity of developing a standard for RO-based water treatment systems. Considering this, BIS has developed IS 16240: 2015 for Reverse Osmosis (RO) based Point of Use (PoU) Water Treatment System.

The manufacturer must make sure that their product complies with the Indian standard in order to receive BIS certification and produce a high-quality product. Surviving in this competitive industry without a product of standardised quality and certification is challenging. Industries must make a standard quality product in order to achieve market dependence on their products. A BIS license is also necessary to use the standard ISI Mark and sell products in India.

Let's take a closer look at IS 16240:2015 for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Based Point-of-Use (PoU) Water Treatment System.

This standard applies to Reverse Osmosis (RO) based Point-of-Use (POU) water treatment systems with a capacity of up to 25 litres per hour that lower water TDS, lower chemical contamination to safe levels, and remove physical particles, including microbiological impurities. Media and other consumables, such as filters, are not covered by the standard.

The specifications outlined in the standard shall be followed in the design and construction of the RO system. Their inlet port must be designed in such a way that it may be connected to the tap. The units must be wall-mountable, counter-top-placeable, installed under the sink etc. When tested according to IS 9845, materials in contact with water must not impart extractable impurities in excess of the permitted threshold for various plastic materials.

Surfaces of RO system components expected to be wetted by water via the RO system must be made of corrosion-resistant materials or have corrosion-resistant treatment or coating of food-grade quality. All components fitted after the booster pump must be pressure resistant to the maximum pressure indicated by the manufacturer.When installed and operated according to the manufacturer's instructions, the RO system shall be designed and constructed so that its intended purpose is accomplished.


The following major tests shall be performed in accordance with the method specified in the standard:

  1. Reject Water Control Mechanism
  2. TDS Reduction
  3. Percent Recovery of Product Water
  4. Hourly Production Rate
  5. Leakage Current Test
  6. High Voltage Test
  7. Type Pressure Test (Hydrostatic Test)
  8. Routine Pressure Test (Pneumatic Test)
  9. Chemical Reduction (Copper, Iron, Nitrate)


The marking, labelling, and packing shall be carried out in accordance with the Indian standard. The product may also be marked with the BIS Standard Mark. BIS Licence is granted to use Standard Mark (ISI Mark) as per IS 16240: 2015. The RO system must be properly packed to prevent damage during storage and transportation.

It is mandatory to obtain BIS certification for the RO system as per IS 16240: 2015. All manufacturers must obtain a BIS licence for the RO system to use the ISI mark. A BIS license for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Based Point-of-Use (PoU) Water Treatment System is necessary to guarantee that the product meets the requirements of applicable Indian standards. Manufacturers can gain consumer trust and continue to export/import and sell their products in the Indian market by obtaining BIS certification. Aleph INDIA assist manufacturer and importer in achieving BIS certification, providing useful insight and advice at every stage of the process.

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For Detailed Information about the Procedure for BIS ISI Certification, Visit :

  1. Procedure for Domestic Manufacturer
  2. Procedure for Foreign Manufacturer


If a product falls under the scope of the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme, All the manufacturers, importers, and foreign entities must obtain BIS ISI Certification. The Bureau may cancel the License if the product fails to meet certification requirements.

Aleph INDIA has been serving the industry as a single-window operator for all product regulatory compliance. We can assist importers or manufacturers in meeting all criteria for importing or selling a product in the Indian market.

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