BIS Certification for Copper strip for electrical purposes IS 1897:2008

BIS Certification is mandatory for Copper strip for electrical purposes, as per the Indian standard IS 1897:2008. A copper strip, typically a flat, extended sheet with a rectangular shape, is manufactured by rolling or slitting copper sheets or coils to achieve the desired size. Known for their exceptional heat conductivity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and malleability, copper strips are highly sought after.

ISI Certification (BIS) is essential for COPPER STRIP FOR ELECTRICAL PURPOSES according to IS 1897:2008. This standard delineates the manufacturing, chemical, and physical requirements, as well as testing procedures, for Copper strips used for electrical purposes.

Copper strips are broadly classified into two main types: bare copper strips and enameled copper strips. They find application in various products such as water heaters, pipe fittings, copper foil, copper tape, and copper wire. Essential components in electrical and electronic systems, copper strips play a crucial role in ensuring effective power distribution, reliable electrical connections, and the safe operation of infrastructure and electrical equipment. Their exceptional electrical qualities, longevity, safety, and adaptability make them the preferred choice in industrial, commercial, and residential applications

Key highlights

Product Name Copper strip for electrical purposes.
Applicable Indian Standard IS 1897: 2008
Applicable Certification Scheme Product Certification Scheme (ISI Mark Scheme) Scheme 1 - Schedule 2
Compliance Requirement Mandatory
QCO Link Quality Control Order
Scope as per Standard This standard specifies the requirements of copper strip for electrical purposes with drawn or rolled edges (either round or square) in the annealed, half-hard and hard condition.


The following are the major tests for Copper strip for electrical purposes:

  • Chemical composition
  • Freedom from defects
  • Tensile Strength and Elongation
  • Hardness
  • Bend test
  • Edgewise bending
  • Electrical resistivity test
  • Width and thickness
  • Radius of curvature on edges or corner of strip
  • Straightness
  • Test for controlled proof resistance (optional)

Under IS 1897:2008, all copper strips used for electrical applications fall under the mandatory ISI Certification Scheme. This standard outlines specifications for withdrawn or rolled edges (round or square) of copper strips in the annealed, half-hard, and hard states for use in electrical applications. Products lacking the ISI Mark cannot be legally marketed, imported, or exported into the Indian consumer market.

BIS Certification Process

Obtaining a BIS license involves a thorough assessment of manufacturing infrastructure, quality control capabilities, testing facilities, and production processes. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that the products not only comply with regulations but are also safe and reliable for consumers.

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Timeline for BIS Certification

The approximate timeline to obtain BIS Certification for Copper strip for electrical purposes to use ISI mark as Per IS 1897: 2008 is given below:

  • For Indian Manufacturers (Standard Timeframe – 30 days)
  • For Foreign Manufacturers (Standard Timeframe – 180 days)


The implementation of the Copper strip for electrical purposes (Quality Control) Order, 2023, is ushering in a transformative era for the market of Copper strip for electrical purposes in India. Manufacturers, by embracing these guidelines and securing BIS certification, are not merely complying with regulations; they are setting new benchmarks for excellence in the industry. Opting for BIS-certified Copper strip for electrical purposes signifies more than a product purchase; it represents a commitment to dependability, superior quality, and safety.

BIS certification Copper strip for electrical purposes goes beyond meeting regulatory checkboxes, assuring the highest performance standards in these products. In an era where quality takes precedence, choosing BIS-certified Copper strip for electrical purposes guarantees a product that is not only dependable but also of the finest quality.

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