IS 336:2021

In this competitive scenario, it isn't easy to survive in the market without a standard quality and certified product. BIS license may also be required to sell products in the Indian market.

To get BIS certification and produce a standard quality product, the manufacturer must ensure that their product must follow the specified Indian standard.

Let's take a closer look at IS 336:2021 for Ether.

IS 336:2021 covers Ether. This standard specifies the requirements and the sampling and testing method for ether.

Ether is widely used as a solvent in many industrial and laboratory processes, including the extraction of oils and fats. It is also widely used as an anaesthetic.

The material shall be of two grades:

  1. Solvent
  2. Anaesthetic

The material must be a clear, colourless, transparent liquid that is highly flammable, volatile, and mobile. The material must have the characteristic odour as well as a sweet but burning taste. The material must be primarily composed of diethyl ether.

When tested using the methods specified in the standard, the material must also meet the requirements prescribed in the standard.


The following test shall be carried out in accordance with the method specified.

  • Relative Density
  • Peroxides
  • Distillation range
  • Residue
  • Methyl alcohol
  • Aldehydes and acetone
  • Sulphurous acid

Packing and Marking:

Packing and Marking shall be done in accordance with IS 336:2021. The material must be packed in tightly sealed galvanized iron containers or amber-colored glass bottles. All containers used to store the material must be clean, dry, and leak-proof. Each container must be labelled with the information specified in the standard.

The Standard Mark (ISI Mark) shall be marked on the product's container provided that the material so marked meets all specification requirements. The Manufacturer must obtain a BIS license from the Bureau of Indian Standards to use a standard mark (ISI Mark). The BIS grants a license based on a successful assessment of manufacturing infrastructure, quality control, testing capabilities, and production process.

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For Detailed Information about the Procedure for BIS ISI Certification


If a product falls under the scope of the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme, All the manufacturers, importers, and foreign entities must obtain BIS ISI Certification. The Bureau may cancel the License if the product fails to meet certification requirements.

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