When it comes to products with radio or wireless capabilities, such as Wireless Transmitters, whether they're coming into India from abroad or being produced locally, there's an important requirement to fulfil. These devices need to secure an Equipment Type Approval (ETA) certificate from the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) within the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). The WPC acts as the national authority for regulating radio frequencies, licensing, and serving the diverse needs of wireless users across the country.

The WPC office is tasked with issuing ETA Licences for a variety of IT and electronic gadgets, including Wireless Transmitters, smartwatches, Wi-Fi routers, and laptops. This is all in the spirit of ensuring compliance and safety.

In simpler terms, only Wireless Transmitters that have received the WPC's stamp of approval and operate within the designated frequency bands can be legally sold in India. You can find a comprehensive list of the products requiring WPC ETA Approval to make sure your devices are on the right side of the regulations.

Now, for the nitty-gritty of getting your Wireless Transmitter approved through the ETA process, there's one key document you need: an RF (Radio Frequency) test report. This report must be obtained from either a foreign laboratory accredited by ILAC or an Indian laboratory accredited by NABL.

For Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for Wireless Transmitters, WPC Registration requires an RF (Radio Frequency) test report obtained from ILAC accredited foreign lab or NABL accredited Indian lab.

We help our clients in the testing of their equipment and obtaining the test report in the proper format for submission to WPC India.

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