Get TEC Certification for IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment

TEC certification stands as a mandatory requirement for all categories of IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment intended for sale in India. Consumers can now find TEC-certified IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment in the market, offering a diverse range of features and functionalities.

Within the certification framework falling under Scheme: GCS and Group: B, TEC Certification for DSL Equipments encompasses IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment. This certification process is designed to rigorously assess the equipment's quality and efficiency, ensuring that it meets the specified standards set by TEC.

By opting for TEC-certified IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment, consumers are assured of its superior quality and seamless performance. TEC certification not only validates the equipment's efficiency but also guarantees the security of stored data, eliminating the risk of data leakage or unauthorized access.

For businesses intending to invest in IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment, it is imperative to choose products that carry the TEC certification.

TEC Certification is mandatory for IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment
Product IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment
Scheme GCS
Group B

Aleph India provides comprehensive support for obtaining a TEC Certificate for your telecom equipment. Since 2013, we have assisted manufacturers in India and abroad with product certification, including telecom equipment. Our experts guide you through the TEC Certification process, handling documentation and procedures. With our assistance, you can ensure your telecom product meets all necessary standards and obtain the TEC Certificate.

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