Get TEC Certification For LAN Switch

TEC Certification for LAN Switch holds importance due to two pivotal reasons. Firstly, it serves as a guarantee that the LAN Switch has undergone rigorous, independent testing and verification, ensuring it aligns with the industry-established standards.This meticulous testing process not only validates the switch’s performance but also assures customers of its reliability and quality, instilling confidence in their investment. Secondly, TEC Certification plays a vital role by providing customers with a standardized benchmark for evaluating different LAN Switch options. This standardized comparison empowers consumers to make informed decisions, allowing them to select the most suitable product tailored to their specific requirements and preferences.

In essence, TEC Certification levels the playing field, enabling fair and unbiased evaluations among various LAN Switches.

TEC Certification is mandatory for LAN Switches
Product LAN Switches
Scheme SCS
Group C

TEC Certification for HF Radios Equipment includes the following four variants :-

  • L2 LAN Switch
  • L2 Unmanaged Switch
  • L3 LAN Switch
  • MPLS TP CEN Switch

Aleph India provides comprehensive support for obtaining a TEC Certificate for your telecom equipment. Since 2013, we have assisted manufacturers in India and abroad with product certification, including telecom equipment. Our experts guide you through the TEC Certification process, handling documentation and procedures. With our assistance, you can ensure your telecom product meets all necessary standards and obtain the TEC Certificate.

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