Get TEC Certification for Wifi Access Points

The TEC Certification is mandatory for Wifi Access Points (WAPs), which are essential networking devices enabling wireless-capable devices to connect to a wired network without the hassle of wires and cables. Installing WAPs simplifies the process of connecting computers and devices within a network. For telecom equipment dealers involved in importing, manufacturing, and selling such equipment, obtaining a TEC certificate for Wifi Access Points is crucial. The Telecommunication Engineering Centre issues this certificate following rigorous testing under the MTCTE (Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment) scheme.

Having a TEC-certified Wifi Access Point comes with numerous advantages for both sellers and users.

Devices bearing the TEC logo undergo comprehensive testing to ensure compatibility in multi-vendor networks, facilitating smoother data flow and enhanced network performance. TEC-certified Wifi Access Points are synonymous with top-notch quality, guaranteeing stable performance even under heavy workloads and challenging network conditions. Customers can rely on these devices for consistent and reliable connectivity.

Furthermore, the TEC Certification program offers telecom equipment manufacturers the opportunity to feature the TEC logo on their devices. This logo serves as a mark of trust, signifying that the device will function seamlessly with other TEC Certified devices, regardless of the vendor. TEC Certification not only ensures the quality and reliability of Wifi Access Points but also fosters a sense of trust and compatibility within the vast realm of networking devices.

TEC Certification is mandatory for Wifi Access Point
Product Wifi Access Point
Scheme SCS
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Aleph India provides comprehensive support for obtaining a TEC Certificate for your telecom equipment. Since 2013, we have assisted manufacturers in India and abroad with product certification, including telecom equipment. Our experts guide you through the TEC Certification process, handling documentation and procedures. With our assistance, you can ensure your telecom product meets all necessary standards and obtain the TEC Certificate.

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