TEC Certification is Mandatory for GPON. GPON stands for Gigabit Passive Optical Network, which is a state-of-the-art technology widely used in FTTH and FTTP networks to provide voice, data and video services at high speeds. Telecom equipment dealers must obtain a TEC certificate to import, manufacture, and sell these devices. The Telecommunication Engineering Centre gives this certificate after testing the equipment under the MTCTE scheme.

Obtaining TEC Certificate for GPON has many benefits for both seller and user. GPON with the TEC logo are rigorously tested for compatibility in multi-vendor networks, ensuring smoother data flow and improved network performance.

TEC certified GPON guarantee top-notch quality, ensuring stable performance under heavy workloads and challenging network conditions. Customers can rely on their consistent and reliable connectivity.

The TEC Certification program offers customers the guarantee that devices featuring the TEC logo will seamlessly integrate into their networks. With TEC Certification, you can trust that your GPON will function smoothly with other TEC Certified devices, regardless of the vendor.

GPON consists of four components:

  1. OLT or Optical Line Terminal: OLT, acting as the network manager, exchanges video, voice, and data optical signals with the ONT at the receiver’s end.
  2. Optical Fiber Splitter:This passive component enables a single fiber optic cable to split into multiple strands of optic fiber, connecting to individual Optical Network Terminals at end-user premises.
  3. ONT or Optical Network Terminal: The ONT, as the user endpoint in GPON, serves as a specialized modem converting optical signals to electrical ones at the end-user’s site.
  4. Transmitting Media: This component consists of physical, passive hardware including cabling, copper cables, fiber optic patch cords, splitters, connectors, and adapter panels.
Product GPON
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