In a significant move aimed at ensuring the quality and safety of aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots and castings in India, the Central Government has issued a crucial notification. This notification, published on the 31st of August, 2023, carries substantial implications for manufacturers, importers, and consumers of these products.

The Central Government's Directive

The Central Government, recognizing the importance of maintaining high standards in the production and distribution of aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots and castings, has taken a pivotal step. It has mandated that these products must conform to the corresponding Indian Standard as per IS 617:1994

Under this new regulation, aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots and castings that meet the prescribed Indian Standard will be authorized to bear the Standard Mark. However, obtaining this authorization will require manufacturers to obtain a license from the Bureau of Indian Standards in accordance with Scheme-1 of Schedule-II to the Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018.

Key highlights

Product Name Aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots and castings
Applicable Indian Standard IS 617:1994
Compliance requirement Mandatory
Applicable BIS Certification Scheme Scheme-1 of Schedule-II of BIS
Timeline for Implementation Exemptions for Export
The Order specifies a three-month grace period from the date of publication for its implementation. This allows manufacturers and stakeholders time to prepare for compliance with the new standards. While this directive is crucial for ensuring the quality of aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots and castings within the Indian market, it's important to clarify that it does not apply to goods or articles meant for export. This exemption acknowledges that international markets may have their own specific requirements and standards.
isi mark


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The Central Government's commitment to ensuring that aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots and castings adhere to established Indian Standards. As the deadline for implementation approaches, manufacturers and stakeholders should take the necessary steps to comply with these new regulations, ultimately contributing to the growth and sustainability of India's industrial sector.

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