IS 8148:2018

In this competitive scenario, it isn't easy to survive in the market without a standard quality and certified product. BIS license may also be required to sell products in the Indian market.

To get BIS certification and produce a standard quality product, the manufacturer must ensure that their product must follow the specified Indian standard.

Let's take a closer look at IS 8148:2018 for ducted and package air conditioners.

IS 8148:2018 covers ducted and package air conditioners. This standard specifies the constructional and performance requirements and the methodologies for a rating of packaged air conditioners with nominal cooling capacities of 10000 W and higher that operate non-frosting when cooling and dehumidifying under standard rating conditions. Ducted and package air conditioners are self-contained encased assemblies designed to offer free distribution of conditioned air to an enclosed space, room, or zone.

The following parameters are taken into account when developing grouping guidelines for certification in accordance with IS 8148: 2018:

  1. Classifications based upon function and construction:
    • Ducted/Packaged heat pump units for both Cooling and Heating with an Air-cooled condenser
    • Ducted/Packaged Air Conditioner units for Cooling only with Air-cooled condenser
    • Ducted/packaged Air Conditioner units for cooling only with a water-cooled condenser
  2. Classifications based upon the type of product:
    • Indoor unit (IDU) only
    • Outdoor unit (ODU) only
    • Ducted/Package Air Conditioners (Both IDU and ODU)

The manufacturer must ensure that the product meets the standard's general, construction, and performance requirements. The unit must be built with enough strength and stiffness to resist routine manual and mechanical handling, transportation, and operation without damage or failure. It must pass the mechanical strength test specified in the standard. When the unit is installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, any parts that require periodic cleaning or maintenance must be freely accessible. Units must be free of excessive noise and vibration.

Pipes and connections to moving or resiliently mounted parts shall be arranged so as not to foul or transmit excessive vibrations to other parts and shall be designed to prevent failure due to fatigue. To comply with this standard, published or reported ratings shall be based on conditions specified in the standard and shall be such that the performance of any production unit shall have a capacity not less than 90 percent of the stated capacity.


Tests shall be grouped into three categories:

  1. Production routine tests
    • Running Test
    • Pressure Test or Leakage Test
    • Electric Strength Test
    • Earth Continuity Test
    • Maximum Operating Conditions test
  2. Type tests
  3. Acceptance tests.

The manufacturer shall declare the type of product, function, and construction, as well as the cooling capacity that they intend to cover in the license. Outsourcing of both units (i.e. IDU and ODU) shall not be permitted for acquiring a BIS license for certification of ducted/package AC as per IS 8148.

Labelling and marking shall be done in accordance with IS 8148:2018. Conforming to the requirements of IS 8148:2018, the product may be certified under the terms of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016 and the Rules and Regulations formulated thereunder, and the product may be marked with the Standard Mark (ISI Mark). The Manufacturer must obtain a BIS license from the Bureau of Indian Standards to use a standard mark (ISI Mark). The BIS grants a license based on a successful assessment of manufacturing infrastructure, quality control, testing capabilities, and production process.

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isi mark


For Detailed Information about the Procedure for BIS ISI Certification


If a product falls under the scope of the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme, All the manufacturers, importers, and foreign entities must obtain BIS ISI Certification. The Bureau may cancel the License if the product fails to meet certification requirements.

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