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BIS Raid on Electric Toys Shop in Coimbatore

The BIS Coimbatore branch caught electric toys without ISI mark being sold in an Ammapet shop.

BIS raided a shop on Jothi Theatre Main Road, Ammapet and seized electric toys without the standard ISI mark. According to the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 2016, BIS is taking action against the violators. According to the BIS Act 2016, manufacturing and selling toys without standard ISI mark is illegal and punishable by a fine of 2 lakh or two years in prison, or both.

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Coimbatore branch successfully conducted an Enforcement Search and Seizure operation in a shop on Jothi Theatre Main Road in Ammapet, non-ISI, marked electric toys were seized during the raid.

BIS has made it mandatory for toys to comply with the relevant BIS standards. It can only be manufactured, imported, distributed, and sold with the BIS Certification Mark. Therefore, to sell toys into the Indian market and use the ISI mark, all toys manufacturers must obtain a BIS license from the Bureau of Indian Standards as per IS 9873 (Part 1):2019 and IS 15644:2006.

It has frequently been observed that fake/non-ISI-marked products are produced and sold to regular consumers for a huge profit, putting their health and safety at risk. Therefore, Customers are advised only to buy genuine ISI Marked products. To protect consumer interests, BIS routinely monitor the licensee's performance, including surprising inspections and testing of samples drawn from the factory and the market.

BIS Certification for Electric and Non-Electric Toys

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