Aleph INDIA attended Seminar on Strategies for India Trade Environment & Policy

Aleph INDIA’s CEO and former DDG BIS Shri A K Sharma, and Aleph INDIA’s Director, Mr Yogesh K.T attended the seminar on strategies for India trade environment & policy on November 15 2022, in New Delhi.

Mr CHANG Joe - bok (Ambassador - Embassy of the Republic of Korea) also attends the seminar on Strategies. In the above picture, Mr. CHANG Joe - bok with Mr. Yogesh K.T (Director - Aleph INDIA) and Shri A. K. Sharma (CEO-Aleph INDIA) at Seminar on Strategies for India Trade Environment & Policy.

A seminar on Strategies for India's Trade Environment & Policy was held on November 15 in New Delhi by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and KOTRA. About 70 Korean companies attended, and they used the opportunity to learn about and discuss the SEZ system and related case studies, customs laws and how to deal with customs issues, how to use CEPA requirements, etc.

Aleph India CEO Mr. A.K. Sharma also addressed this seminar. He spoke about BIS certification and Indian compliance requirements. Aleph India empowers Industries to achieve higher production efficiency and quality standards by implementing a proven and internationally accepted quality assurance system.

Aleph INDIA is committed to delivering world-class auditing and quality control assurance services. We ensure that the manufacturing process and unit comply with international standards.

For any query regarding BIS Certification, Product testing, Compliance, Auditing, etc., get in touch with us at +91 9990136656.

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