Products with radio and/or wireless functionalities which are imported or manufactured and marketed in India must have an equipment type approval (ETA) certificate from the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing of the Ministry of Communications of the government of India.This includes products with Bluetooth, wireless local area network access technology (Wi Fi), small digital radios (Zigbee), and radio frequency identification (RFID) among others.




Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is an approval that has to be obtained from WPC before importing any wireless device in India which functions in the de-licensed frequency band. Such equipment include products like Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, Wi-Fi technology, RFID and others.

To obtain an ETA for de-licensed frequency band devices, a detailed test report of the equipment obtained from a well-recognized laboratory has to be submitted to WPC for evaluation. We help our clients with testing of their equipment and obtaining the test report in proper format for submission to WPC.

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Checking EN Standard and Frequency range in RF-Test Report of the product
Offline (Hardcopy) Submission of documents to WPC authority.
Preparing Documents
Security of documents
Online Payment of Government Fee
Verification of documents
Online Submission of documents in WPC authority
Grant of ETA Certificate


We assist in testing such products as per the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI, Europe) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC, US) standards. Our authorized agents connect applicants with local representative support and assist them in obtaining ETA certification. We support you in completing the required documentation for filling an application at the WPC.

We offer following assistance to finish the project smoothly and within committed time frame.



Mandatory requirements for all wireless products (transceivers, transmitters and receivers) entering the Indian market. Note: only receivers do not need approval, for example GPS products.

Product examples: Wireless Bluetooth-Watches, Wireless Water Heaters, Wireless Home Appliances, Wireless Car Radio, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and readers, Wireless Medical products used for patient profiling, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Wireless Mouse and Keyboard, Remote Key for entry, Wireless Headphones and/or Earplugs, Wireless Music Players, and any other Radio Frequency Modules.

Q/A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WPC registration?

The WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination) is the national broadcasting authority and is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It was founded in 1952 and has its headquarters in New Delhi, as well as other regional offices in Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta and Guwahati. WPC is a Wing of the Ministry of Communication, a National Radio Regulatory Authority involved in Frequency Spectrum Management. WPC Office issues WPC (ETA) License for IT and Electronic products while fulfilling the needs of the wireless technology consumers. Wireless and Bluetooth IT and Electronic products that operate on unlicensed frequency bands and meet human safety requirements can only be sold in Indian market with WPC approval.


Why is WPC licence required?

WPC Registration requires RF (Radio Frequency) test report for Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for their product operating in these frequency bands. We help Indian and foreign brands in launching their product in the Indian Market by getting WPC certificate and Import license.


What is the role of WPC in the telecom sector?

The Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) is a Wing of Department of Telecommunications coming under the Ministry of Communications of the Government of India. The department is responsible for issuing amateur radio licenses, allotting the frequency spectrum and monitoring the frequency spectrum.


What is ETA from WPC?

Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is an approval that has to be obtained from WPC before importing any wireless device in India which functions in the de-licensed frequency band. Such equipments include products like Bluetooth devices, Mobile phones, Wi-Fi Technology, RFID and others.


How do you apply for equipment type approval (ETA)?

Filing of application for obtaining equipment type approval shall be made to the Wireless Adviser to Govt. of India. Preparation and Submission of required documents along with a complete copy of the Radio Test report (RF test report) carried out on the product, from an accredited test laboratory.


How do I get ETA from WPC?

To obtain an ETA for de-licensed frequency band devices, a detailed test report of the equipment obtained from a well-recognized laboratory has to be submitted to WPC for evaluation.


What is DPL license?

A Dealer Possession License (DPL) is issued to the prospective dealers and distributors of wireless products. DPL forbids people and companies from possessing, transferring or selling any wireless devices or similar telegraphy apparatus to any other person or organization also not holding a valid license.


Which is the mandatory product list and documents for WPC approval?

These are the following products:
Sr. No. Products Name Standad
1 WiFi Router ETSI EN 301 893
2 Wifi bulb / Smart Bulb
3 Wireless Mouse
4 Wireless Point of Sale Terminals
5 Wireless Speakers
6 Wireless Receiver ETSI EN 300 328
7 Bluetooth Headphones ETSI EN 300 328
8 Wireless Camera
9 WiFi Smart Watch ETSI EN 300 328
10 Wireless Drones
11 Wireless Pendrive
12 Wireless Plug
13 Wireless Nano USB
14 Wireless Repeater
15 Wireless Keyboard
16 Wireless Home Automation Devices
17 Hotspot Devices
18 Smart Home Gateway
19 Walkie Talkie
20 Wireless Terminal
21 Bluetooth Devices
22 Transmitter

Required Documents

  1. Radio Frequency’ (RF) Test Report is required in soft copy from any NABL accredited Indian lab or ISO 17025 accredited foreign lab.
  2. Authorization Letter and ID Proof of an Authorized Signatory for Signing the Documents issued by Head of Manufacturing Unit (An Executive of any Indian organization can be nominated as an Authorized Signatory and Representative of foreign manufacturer) in India.
  3. Documents of Product’s Technical Details: Describing technical information about product, such as user manual etc

For which kind of products is ETA through self-declaration applicable?

ETA through self-declaration is applicable to the products which comply both the following conditions, i.e., i) (exempted from import licensing requirement as per Import Policy of DGFT and; )ii (working in de-licensed frequency band)s (as per applicable Gazette Notifications from Ministry of Communications. For example: - Mobile handsets, Smartphone’s, Electronic notepads, Laptops, Smart watches, SRDs including accessories, microphones, headphones, speakers, earphones, printers, scanners, mouse, keyboard, TV, camera, etc.


How to import products falling under the category of ETA through Self- Declaration?

Such category of products may be imported by submitting an undertaking to the Customs along with ETA certificate, both generated/downloaded through the portal saralsanchar.gov.in.


What is the process to obtain ETA for products that are not exempted as per Import policy of DGFT?

For such products (for example drones/RPAs), issuance of ETA through RLOs of WPC Wing shall continue. Apply online on for ETA through routine procedure to concerned RLOs and obtain ETA for it.


What are the fees for obtaining ETA?

For obtaining ETA, a fee of Rs 10,000/- is required to be paid for each product having inbuilt one or more RF module(s). The product may be a finished model or RF module


What RF test Report is required for obtaining ETA?

The RF test report issued by Accredited Laboratory for the product is required for issuance of ETA. In case the imported product contains multiple RF modules, then test report(s) of all RF modules without any alteration to be uploaded.


Whether import of wireless modules (not finished products) is permitted under self- declaration approach?

Yes, if it satisfies both the following conditions, i.e., (i) exempted from import licensing requirement as per Import Policy of DGFT and; (ii) working in de-licensed frequency band)s (as per applicable Gazette Notifications from Ministry of Communications.


What is the fee for ETA application?

Payment of Rs 10,000/- is to be made through BharatKosh (NTRP) Portal under ‘Equipment Type Approval (ETA)ʼ to 077188-CCA PAO, Headquarters. While making payment, it is advised to enter the name of the product and Model Number under ‘Remark’ column.


Whether ETA is required for each finished product, manufactured in India, containing the same RF Module having ETA?

A product operating in licensed exempt band(s) should have equipment type approval (ETA). In the cases, when the product is manufactured in India and RF module(s) having ETA is/are fitted in it without any modification/alteration; then no separate ETA is required for such finished product. However, if product(s) are manufactured outside India, then ETA is required for each product before its import.


What is the validity of the ETA certificate?

The validity of Equipment Type Approval (ETA) license remains valid as long as the product model continues being manufactured without any alteration and modification. In such case, no renewal is required.


How to import products covered under Self-Declaration category and already have ETA?

Such items may be imported by submitting a copy of the existing ETA along with a signed undertaking clearly stating that:- i. the product contains RF module(s) operating in de-licenced frequency bands only and; ii. the product is exempted from import licence requirement as per Import policy of DGFT.


Can ETA be utilized by persons other than the applicant for the purpose of import without fees?

Once an ETA is issued for a product either through Self-Declaration or through RLO, it can be used subsequently by other persons for the purpose of import without any additional payment.


What is the meaning of frequency bands? How is it different from frequency charts?

Frequency band would be applicable to a particular domain which has two forms of indicators. The indicators would be the lower domain and the higher domain. Frequency bands are commonly used terms when it comes to radio frequency and other form of devices. Frequency chart is a specific form of chart showing frequency bands for different type of wireless product. For example if the product is a specific frequency band then it would be categorised as low power devices. 50-200 KHz are classified and categorised as low frequency bands. However, 5825 Mhz – 5875 Mhz would be categorised as high frequency bands.


What would be crucial in an application for the approval?

The applicant has to ensure that the technical specifications meet specific requirements. Apart from this the frequency band and model number has to be specified. The device has to be wireless which is present in a de-listed frequency